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Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Toronto Raptors vs. Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)
Tony Karpinski Jan 18, 2017  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Toronto Raptors vs. Philadelphia 76ers
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 7:00 PM
Play: Total: 215.0/-110 Over
Philadelphia Joel Embiid is a player with a load of confidence in his scoring abilities. Embiid has been shooting the ball at a 46% clip for Philadelphia. The Sixers have been playing better with their deep ball game. Philadelphia at home play w ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)
Tony Karpinski Jan 17, 2017  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers
Tuesday, January 17, 2017 10:30 PM
Play: Total: 227.5/-110 Over
L.A. Lakers are getting ready for the team playing as well, with a nothing to lose mindset - as they are both cellar dwellers in the West. The L.A. Lakers can keep teams on their heels with their pacing - and the Lakers can keep teams confused, b ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets (NBA)
Joe Gaffney Jan 17, 2017  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets
Tuesday, January 17, 2017 7:30 PM
Play: Point Spread: 12.0/-110 Brooklyn Nets
Free Pick on Nets + I like the value here with Brooklyn catching a big number at home against the Raptors. These two teams just played last Friday in Toronto with the Raptors winning 132-113 as a 15.5-point favorite. It was a horrible ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Washington Wizards (NBA)
Cajun Sports Jan 17, 2017  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Washington Wizards
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 7:00 PM
Play: Point Spread: 3.0/-100 Memphis Grizzlies
NBA: 3* Memphis Grizzlies +3 The Memphis Grizzlies are on the road in Washington to take on the Wizards Wednesday night. The Grizzlies are coming off a home loss to the Bulls on Sunday 108 to 104 which was their second los ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Sacramento Kings (NBA)
Tony Karpinski Jan 13, 2017  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Sacramento Kings
Friday, January 13, 2017 10:30 PM
Play: Point Spread: -6.5/-110 Cleveland Cavaliers
The Cavs have been going through the motions in the first four of their six-game road trip. They're not motivated and have failed to cover six straight games. This type of lull has been consistent with LeBron James over his ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Dallas Mavericks vs. Phoenix Suns (NBA)
Tony Karpinski Jan 12, 2017  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Dallas Mavericks vs. Phoenix Suns
Thursday, January 12, 2017 10:00 PM
Play: Total: 202.0/-110 Under
Phoenix Tyson Chandler has been much improved in the post, him going head to head vs the 5's of of Dallas is in Phoenix's favor. The big men of Phoenix are going to have a huge advantage over the bigs as their grinding low post games will show up ag ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Nebraska Omaha vs. IUPUI (NCAAB)
Cajun Sports Jan 11, 2017  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Nebraska Omaha vs. IUPUI
Wednesday, January 11, 2017 7:00 PM
Play: Point Spread: 5.5/-110 Nebraska Omaha
CBB: 3* (#773) Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks +5.5 Our complimentary selection for Wednesday’s college basketball action comes from the Summit Conference. The Mavericks are in Indianapolis for a conference clash against the home town Jaguars. The ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Purdue vs. Ohio State (NCAAB)
John Fisher Jan 5, 2017  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Purdue vs. Ohio State
Thursday, January 05, 2017 7:00 PM
Play: Point Spread: -3.0/-106 Purdue
Free Pick on Purdue - I really like the value here with the Boilermakers as a small road favorite against the Buckeyes. I believe Purdue is one of the 15 best teams in the country and are simply undervalued here after an overtime loss at home to Minnes ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Indiana Pacers vs. Detroit Pistons (NBA)
Joe Gaffney Jan 3, 2017  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Indiana Pacers vs. Detroit Pistons
Tuesday, January 03, 2017 7:30 PM
Play: Point Spread: -5.0/-107 Detroit Pistons
Free Pick on Pistons - I like the value here with Detroit laying a relatively small number at home against the Pacers. Indiana comes in having won two straight, but both of those victories were on their home floor, where the Pacers ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Milwaukee Bucks (NBA)
Tony Karpinski Jan 2, 2017  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Milwaukee Bucks
Monday, January 02, 2017 7:00 PM
Play: Point Spread: 2.0/-105 Oklahoma City Thunder
The Oklahoma City Thunder, coming off an easy blowout win over the LA Clippers, go on the road to take on the Milwaukee Bucks who are coming off an easy win over the Bulls and are back at .500 on the season. The Milwauk ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals (NFL)
Tony Karpinski Jan 1, 2017  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Sunday, January 01, 2017 1:00 PM
Play: Point Spread: -2.5/-110 Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati has been playing very tight games over the last 2 but are banged up on both sides on the ball. Baltimore's season may be over, but being a well-coached, veteran team, I don't expect them to give up and pack it i ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: LSU vs. Louisville (NCAAF)
Joe Gavazzi Dec 30, 2016  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: LSU vs. Louisville
Saturday, December 31, 2016 11:00 AM
Play: Point Spread: -3.0/-116 LSU
Free Pick on LSU - I’ll take my chances with the Tigers laying a short number here. I just think LSU is going to be the more motivated team in this one. Louisville was in the playoff talks right up until the final two weeks of the season. It’s just not eas ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Portland U vs. Pacific (NCAAB)
Tony Karpinski Dec 29, 2016  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Portland U vs. Pacific
Thursday, December 29, 2016 10:00 PM
Play: Point Spread: 3.0/-110 Portland U
The Portland Pilots are coming off back to back close competitive losses against Portland State and CS Fullerton following what were two really nice wins for the Pilots against South Dakota and Oregon State. Portland has the offensive pop to compete ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Denver Nuggets (NBA)
Tony Karpinski Dec 28, 2016  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Denver Nuggets
Wednesday, December 28, 2016 9:00 PM
Play: Point Spread: 4.0/-110 Minnesota Timberwolves
This is a poor matchup for the Nuggets with a Minnesota team that is well equiped to deal with a player like Nikola Jokic. Karl-Anthony Towns and Gorgui Dieng should be able to get Jokic in early foul trouble which ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Maryland vs. Boston College (NCAAF)
Tony Karpinski Dec 26, 2016  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Maryland vs. Boston College (NCAAF)
Monday, December 26, 2016 2:30 PM
Play: Total: 43.5/-110 Under
Boston College and Maryland have both been beat up pretty good by the top teams in their respective conferences, but the pairing of the two should see each at its best, especially Boston College's defense, which allows only 310 yards per game. I was ...  read more
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)
Tony Karpinski Dec 25, 2016  
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)
Sunday, December 25, 2016 2:30 PM
Play: Point Spread: -2.5/-110 Golden State Warriors
The Warriors have more to prove and they actually want this win more to prove their worth. And they're actually the better team right now. The Warriors have been figuring things out well with Kevin Durant in the ...  read more
Double Digit Bowl Mastery
Cajun Sports Dec 16, 2016  
The college bowl season kicks off this weekend with a multitude of games for the gridiron faithful and sports investors as well. After a week off we are back with our College Football System of the Week which takes a look at a special situation involving bowl favorites.

With so many college bowl games and so many different types of teams facing one another you might expect us to have a comp ...  read more

CFB Blacked Out
Cajun Sports Oct 28, 2016  
The hands of the Big Clock continue their revolution with Week Eight in the rearview mirror our focus is squarely on the battle against the oddsmaker and his numbers in Week Nine. Before we actually take aim on Week Nine we must review last week’s system and the qualifying contest. Last week our play ON team in the System of the Week was the Western Michigan Broncos minus the 23 points against ...  read more
Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are setting NFL records already
Tony Karpinski Oct 16, 2016  
When Tony Romo went down for a large part of the 2016 season with a compression fracture in his vertebrae in a preseason game, the fans of Dallas certainly weren’t sure as to what to expect for the upcoming season. Tony had been their resilient leader for many years - to some Romo is a choker and subpar QB, but in reality he has been a great QB for his ?very ? reputable career. Romo was look ...  read more
Can Carson Palmer still give the Cardinals one last push
Tony Karpinski Oct 2, 2016  
Carson Palmer has had a thought-provoking career in the NFL. When he played for the Bengals, he had some very up and down years, with 28 TDs in 2006 and 32 in 2005, and also had a league leading 20 interception season to go with it, not to mention the Oakland Raiders debacle. His 32 TD passes in 2005 were a great milestone for a team that hadn’t had a big number QB tossing the ball around for t ...  read more
Joe Gavazzi Sep 25, 2016  
Personnel, including coaching changes made in the offseason. · The results from last season compared to previous years. · The season-ending momentum of the team, good or bad, and how it may impact this year’s team.

With the above as a background, I present a thumbnail sketch of 5 teams, who I believe will outperform expectations in 2015.

...  read more

TONYK'S FANTASY FOOTBALL PICKS - What you need to know
Tony Karpinski Aug 30, 2016  
Fantasy Football is crawling into your veins again - with expectations of raising the digital championship title above your head, in your living room. In a league where the QB is the reigning champion - things are a bit different in the world of fantasy football. WRs seem to be the top cheese that every drafter wants to go in the direction of.

The draft strategies we hear about, the zero ...  read more

What has to change in New Orleans for the Saints this year
Tony Karpinski Aug 27, 2016  
The Saints have obviously been struggling the last several seasons. One can't help but to start questioning, what is going on down in New Orleans? A team that has had many sad years of embarrassment and wearing bagged heads, to a proud Super Bowl champion. And now, they have been decimated and looking like an easy win on a weekly basis. After going 7-9 in 2015 and 14-18 over the last 2 years ...  read more
Is Trent Richardson the biggest Running Back Bust we have ever seen
Tony Karpinski Aug 22, 2016  
We, as football fans have all watched and waited for the next big thing to come out of college to join the ranks of the NFL. Many are good, few are great, even less are legends. But then we run into the word, we all know, and loathe.


The word instantly brings a player or two (or two dozen) to mind in a flash. Faster than a pass from Dan Marino, we go into a debate on who ...  read more

Why the Cowboys are going to run away with the NFC East in 2016
Tony Karpinski Aug 18, 2016  
A new season for the Dallas Cowboys and for their fans is approaching with the hopes of a new championship run. The Cowboys were riddled with injuries in 2015. With Dez Bryant and Tony Romo shelved for 19 games between them, they struggled with moving the ball downfield. Losing Romo was devastating, as he is the indisputable leader of the team, year in and year out. And although 35 years ...  read more
Whats next for Cam Newton
Tony Karpinski Aug 16, 2016  
Cam didn’t play how he would have wanted to in the Super Bowl, passing only 18-41, a pitiful 55.4 QB rating, and being out schemed by Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips while his squad frustrated him over and over. Denver, in a lot of ways may have shown the rest of the NFL how to beat Cam and his specific skill set. The NFL, more than many other sports, copy and learn from each other. This could ...  read more
Who will be the better RB in the NFL, Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon
Tony Karpinski Aug 16, 2016  
Todd Gurley when coming out of Georgia, brought a great deal of potential to the field. But we often had that overwhelming sense of that knee injury lurking. With him tearing his ACL late, a few seasons ago, it raised great concerns for many, including myself. Now, the way things have been going, with how players get treated for these injuries these days, it genuinely looks as if it may not be as ...  read more
Can AJ McCarron be a successful start in the NFL this year
Tony Karpinski Aug 15, 2016  
AJ McCarron played with a team this season, that was ready to win big games, with 1297 YD WR, AJ Green, TE Tyler Eifert. And a nice double teaming backfield who have been, or are now, ready for the big time. QB Andy Dalton had his huge turn around season this year throwing for 25TDs and hitting 66% of his passes. And keeping in mind, that AJ McCarron spent most of the 2014 season on PUP list, whic ...  read more
The best QB under 25 yrs old
Tony Karpinski May 16, 2016  
Looking at the future of the NFL, we all know that someday the great QBs eventually are no longer going to be playing. Looking ahead, what kind of hands is the NFL going to be left in, down the road. Obviously, there are many very good younger QBs playing in the league. But I am going to look at the QBs to watch for soon, and who will be leading their teams for years down the line.

Th ...  read more

This offseason for Kevin Durant could be Thunderous
Tony Karpinski May 9, 2016  
With the current season heading towards the end for the Thunder, with just a few weeks left, 7 time All-Star, Kevin Durant is going to be a highly sought after free agent this off season. He made a little under 90 million during his time in Oklahoma City, while scoring 17,000+ points and snagging 4500+ rebounds in his 9 year career. He will also be garnishing a ton of expected attention fr ...  read more
Betting Baseball Dogs
TJ Masterline May 6, 2016  
Many square gambers tend to play the favorites more often than they bet on an underdog in baseball. The average baseball gambler sees the team that is supposed to win and looks at the other team as the one who is supposed to lose. Losing is no fun so it’s tough for some players to realize it can be profitable to lose more games than you win as long as your return on each bet is greater than your ...  read more
Turning Favorites into Underdogs with MLB BASEBALL
Joe Gavazzi Mar 29, 2016  
There wasn’t much choice back in 1979, or for at least the next decade after that to follow. If you wanted to know something about an outcome of a game from a historical or technical perspective, you spent the time to do the laborious task of logging the results by hand, followed by the tedious hours of researching those handwritten results. You had better damn sure make your hypotheses good befo ...  read more
2016 College Bubble Teams
Joe Gavazzi Feb 29, 2016  
We are three weeks away from the March 13th Selection Sunday date. If you are viewing ESPN these days, and have an interest in the upcoming NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament, then Joe Lunardi has become one of your “new best friends”. As Chief “bracketologist” for the ESPN network, it is Joe’s job to tell us each day “who is in, and who is out”. In short, which teams are “on the bubble”. ...  read more
CCT’s …the Most Exciting and Unique Time of the Year
Joe Gavazzi Feb 29, 2016  
CCT’s …the Most Exciting and Unique Time of the Year By Joe Gavazzi, Winning Sports Advice Monday, February 29, 2016 CCT’s…College Conference Tourneys…have been around for over forty years. By the year 2000, with the help of multiple cable networks, they had grown into the most exciting and unique time of the year. There are 32 leagues that comprise the Division I group of NCAA teams. All but ...  read more
Does former NFL WR Terrell Owens deserve to be a first ballot Hall of Famer
Tony Karpinski Feb 26, 2016  
With the recent "snubbing" of Terrell Owens not being inducted as a fir ...  read more
Will the NBA ever go back to a big man's game
Tony Karpinski Feb 25, 2016  

The style of basketball has changed drastically over the years. Many like the up tempo style these days brings. Some even could say it is, in fact, much more exciting basketball, than back years ago when the big man dominated the lane. Some feel that the fast pace and up tempo basketball is much more fun to watch, than the migh ...  read more

How To Make Money on NASCAR Restrictor Plate Races
TJ Masterline Feb 21, 2016  
Very few people bet on the NASCAR events compared to the other sports, but I have found some advantage plays over the years that I thought I would share. Typically, anyone can win the restrictor plate races, unlike the regular tracks, where it is more likely that the better cars and better teams win. So the advantage comes in playing the matchups, and underdogs. Just yesterday I had Xfinity Mo ...  read more
Can Karl-Anthony Towns turn the TWolves around
Tony Karpinski Feb 9, 2016  
The Timberwolves selected Karl-Anthony Towns 1st overall in 2015 NBA Draft, when they took him, I was happy, because between the 2 big names, I felt that Towns was better than Jahlil Okafor, Towns is a player that should make an immediate impact on the defensive end, swatting shots and covering a wide radius in the paint. This season, so far he has been a very solid scorer with 16/game. Towns a ...  read more
Does Colin Kaepernick still have the starting QB potential
Tony Karpinski Jan 11, 2016  
Jim Harbaugh had an excellent run with his Niners when he was their Head Coach. Compiling a record of 44-19-1. And landing his team into the playoffs 3 times in his 4 years manning his squad. Including a trip to the Bowl in 2012. While Harbaugh was in charge of the Niners they began to recapture the franchise’s glorious and proud past. As he managed to make the 65 year old NFL franchise rele ...  read more
Who was the most disappointing NFL team in 2015
Tony Karpinski Jan 5, 2016  
For many teams, expectations of the upcoming season are based on preseason projections. For others, the shocking disappointment of a season comes from a collapse or running into a slump, that destroys everything. When you fall into the trap that it's safe to assume your team is heading into a pit. Something goes wrong, and your season is suddenly lost.

It never fails. During the off sea ...  read more

Chalk No Fear
Cajun Sports Dec 25, 2015  
The college bowl season is in full swing and we are looking forward to several of this year’s bowls including several outside the final four. That is due in part to the fact we have a number of college bowl systems that are active in bowls other than the final four and we love the matchups. We are back with another college bowl system and this one has already cashed one winner which improves t ...  read more
Do the Chargers need to move on from Mike McCoy
Tony Karpinski Dec 8, 2015  
In this world where peoples expectations always seem to get higher and expected much quicker, sometimes unfairly so, there also comes a time when one has to ask is it that time? Mike McCoy has said enough about turning the Chargers franchise around, and thus far has struggled to improve this franchise. According to information out there, he has seemingly fallen out of favor with the fan base, for ...  read more
Has Andy Dalton and the Bengals finally turned the corner
Tony Karpinski Nov 30, 2015  
Andy Dalton in his past 5 seasons, has had the tendency to make dumb plays. Let's be brutally honest. His confidence lacked at times, and he was easily shaken out of any rhythm. Dalton has to take it one game at a time. Not get ahead of himself, just let the game come to him. Dalton is doing his job, and doing it very well. And for Cincinnati, and the fans, it's very cool.

Dalton has never ...  read more

7 reasons why Jamaal Charles is the best RB in the NFL
Tony Karpinski Nov 29, 2015  
The Chiefs losing their RB Jamaal Charles this season, was a devastating blow. He has been in the NFL for 8 seasons and has had himself a more than great career. We always hear about the Adrian Petersons and the Arian Fosters but let's take a real look at who really, in fact could be the NFLs best back. And what the Chiefs have in fact lost this season.

The KC Chiefs all time rushing l ...  read more

The future looks bright for Marcus Mariota
Tony Karpinski Nov 20, 2015  
Mariota is going to prove many of the analysts wrong, when they said he wasn't going to transition into a good NFL QB. Mariota blew many people away, in his very first game in the NFL, he came out with a perfect QB rating. He went 13-16 for 209 YDs, 4 TDs and a 158.3 rating. That is pretty special, no matter how you slice it.

He is going to be a lot of fun to watch for years down the ro ...  read more

Which team is dealing with the most QB trouble
Tony Karpinski Nov 20, 2015  
? There have been a handful of potential season destroying injuries to some of the starting QBs in the NFL. The ones I will delve into here, are the ones that are certainly going to have their challenges laid out ahead of them on a weekly basis. Dealing with an injury to your starting QB is a situation no team wants to ever be put in. But these teams have no other options due to unfortunate ...  read more
Should the NFL take the Falcons as real contenders
Tony Karpinski Nov 20, 2015  
The Atlanta Falcons have shown up in a big way the majority of their games this season, with their awesome offensive firepower. They have been lighting teams up for 28 a game.

Matt Ryan and his leadership have been superb. He has thrown 11TD passes this season. With a 90+ QB rating as the 8 year veteran has really shown his poise in the pocket, better than every other year in the leagu ...  read more

Whats the deal with Andy Dalton
Tony Karpinski Nov 17, 2015  
Andy Dalton in his past 5 seasons, has had the tendency to make dumb plays. Let's be brutally honest. His confidence lacked at times, and he was easily shaken out of any rhythm. Dalton has to take it one game at a time. Not get ahead of himself, just let the game come to him. Dalton is doing his job, and doing it very well. And for Cincinnati, and the fans, it's very cool.

Dalton has never ...  read more

The Golden St Warriors are the team to beat in the NBA this year
Tony Karpinski Nov 7, 2015  
While the Golden State Warriors are looking like the best team in the NBA and are almost unbeatable at home, they will be going on the road soon and I think there will be multiple times to fade them. Steph Curry is on fire and shooting lights out and expected to break the single season 3-pt FG's made record by over 200 at the pace he is on. The Warriors have been winning and Klay Thompson has yet ...  read more
How the NHL Overtime Rules Have Changed the Game
TJ Masterline Nov 7, 2015  
The new overtime rules present a very dramatic change in the way end games play out. Here's exactly how it works: ¥ BASICS: It's 3-on-3 play for five sudden-death minutes. ¥ PENALTIES & POWER PLAYS: If a penalty is taken in overtime, the teams play 4-on-3. (Essentially, the team on the power play just adds another player.) If a second penalty is taken, the teams will play 5-on-3. If a penalt ...  read more
Does LaMarcus Aldridge immediately make the Spurs the favorites again in the Western Conference
Tony Karpinski Nov 1, 2015  
LaMarcus Aldridge signed a 4-year, $80 million contract with the option after the 3rd year, with the Spurs. Aldridge had been the main man in Portland, and was one of the most important building blocks for the reshaping of the Blazers. He also became Portland's 2nd all-time leading scorer, trailing only their legendary G Clyde Drexler.

Then the Spurs went out and made this great pick up. Ad ...  read more

How far have the Seattle Seahawks fallen
Tony Karpinski Oct 14, 2015  
The Seahawks offense has to find a way to move the ball with consistency. The play calling has been complacent and poor. They seem to be running run plays that don't seem to really have any significant value on the field. They have also allowed teams to find opportunities to come back in their games.

This Seahawks team seems to be showing their true colors in the end of games. In the 4th ...  read more

How does Brandon Marshall improve the Jets
Tony Karpinski Oct 14, 2015  
The New York Jets traded their 5th round pick to grab 9 year veteran, Brandon Marshall off the Chicago Bears' hands. Marshall has had a much talked about and troublesome past of being a player that complained and carried on when it came down to where he was in the pecking order on the teams WRs. Marshall had played with the Broncos, Dolphins, and most recently, the Bears. In all of his stops ...  read more
Which NFL team is dealing with the most QB trouble
Tony Karpinski Oct 14, 2015  
There have been a handful of potential season destroying injuries to some of the starting QBs in the NFL. The ones I will delve into here, are the ones that are certainly going to have their challenges laid out ahead of them on a weekly basis. Dealing with an injury to your starting QB is a situation no team wants to ever be put in. But these teams have no other options due to unfortunate c ...  read more
Could this Philadelphia Eagles team actually win the NFC East?
Tony Karpinski Oct 14, 2015  
This season has not come to fruition as Chip Kelly had seen it coming through in his crystal ball of his teams success. The year so far has been bad, to say the least. They have struggled to stop teams from passing all over them, consistently, and they have not shown the talent to win the games when the "chips" are down. He took them apart and now they have a team that is struggling and sco ...  read more
College Football Super D
Joe Gavazzi Oct 14, 2015  
We have played 6 weeks of the 2015 CFB season with many squads having already completed 50% of their regular season schedule. With teams now well-entrenched into the conference season, it is time to take a look at the nation’s best defenses. In this era of high-tech offenses, most notably exhibited in the Big 12 and PAC 12, it is still important to pay respect to the old adage that “defense wins ...  read more
Joe Gavazzi Oct 8, 2015  
If you have been following along since early August, I have written numerous articles regarding the importance of the running game, as a statistical indicator, to isolate ATS success. The 2 major areas that we focused on were the disparity in the opponents’ rushing yardage in a specific game, as well as the number of rushing attempts. In addition, we reviewed numbers regarding TO margin and the ...  read more
Sports Emotional Rescue: Fear of Loss
Cajun Sports Oct 1, 2015  
I recently read an article from a Financial Research Company that recommended dollar cost averaging when contributing to your retirement plan and I started to wonder if some of their findings applied to sports investing. They said investors need to learn to offset their fear of investing loss by contributing a set amount every payday, this concept is known as dollar cost averaging. In all but a ...  read more
How does Brandon Marshall improve the Jets?
Tony Karpinski Sep 22, 2015  
The New York Jets traded their 5th round pick to grab 9 year veteran, Brandon Marshall off the Chicago Bears' hands. Marshall has had a much talked about and troublesome past of being a player that complained and carried on when it came down to where he was in the pecking order on the teams WRs. Marshall had played with the Broncos, Dolphins, and most recently, the Bears. In all of his stops, ...  read more
5 Key Tips to Remember when Betting on College Football
Kyle Hunter Sep 19, 2015  
College football season is in full swing. College football has always been one of my best sports. I wanted to give bettors five quick key tips to remember before placing a bet in college football. Also, this weekend is my College Football Game of the YEAR. I'm 4-0 all-time on these. Grab it today and win big this weekend.

5 College Football Betting Tips 1. Look for Under the Radar Ga ...  read more

One Surprise Team Will Be Heading To the Playoffs in 2015
TJ Masterline Sep 13, 2015  
There is one team that I strongly believe will make a surprise visit to the playoffs this year. While they are returning thirteen starters, I really love their QB Justin Thomas Jr. He was 2nd team ACC. I also believe Paul Johnson is the most underrated coach in the FBS. Of course, I’m talking about Georgia Tech. While their schedule is not an easy one, drawing both Clemson and Florida St. in the ...  read more
2015 NFL Fantasy Football Busts - stay away, you were warned!
Tony Karpinski Aug 23, 2015  
Peyton Manning Simply put, Peyton Manning is another year older. And there is a lot different in Denver this year. The 2014 Broncos’ Oline is virtually all new. This is a huge concern for me, it makes you question the probability for success together. John Fox is gone. Gary Kubiak is now in Denver. Kubiak has always loved those workhorse RBs. His teams have never been big time passing teams in th ...  read more
Philosophies on NFL Preseason Wagering
TJ Masterline Aug 17, 2015  
As of this morning, all 32 teams have now played at least one game in the preseason. Many of the trends that I’ve seen in years past will also be prevalent this year. I’ve often heard that no one bets on preseason games. I think all of you reading this do, and most of my degenerate friends do, so that myth can be laid to rest. One philosophy that I’ve found true though is that I believe that these ...  read more
Joe Gavazzi Aug 13, 2015  
By Joe Gavazzi

If you are reading this article about NFL turnovers, you will be shocked at the conclusion that the fate of your hard-earned money is definitively linked to the turnover margin in any NFL game. The numbers I am about to quote you below have held true for decades. They confirm the fact that a team’s net TO margin is directly linked with the pointspread outcome of the ...  read more

2015 College Football TOP 10 OVERRATED TEAMS
Joe Gavazzi Aug 13, 2015  
By this time in the year seemingly every website and every CFB handicapper has formulated a list of this year’s overrated CFB teams. Unfortunately, this is a highly subjective list, filled with personal opinions with firm lines yet to be set on the opening week of play and August training camp still to occur. Much can happen between now and when the ball goes in the air in early September. ...  read more
TJ Masterline Jul 25, 2015  
When it comes to the dog days of summer, baseball betting takes center stage. To some, it's just a stop gap between the NBA and NFL seasons...but to others, myself included, it's the most profitable time of the year. Betting on baseball is so much more than an intermission between basketball and football. Just talk to about any professional handicapper and they'll tell you their bankroll is made ...  read more
MLB Handicapping: Don't Forget About Defense
Kyle Hunter Jun 25, 2015  
Nobody forgets about the importance of defense when it comes to football or basketball. You often hear about defense winning championships in those sports. Why don't we hear about it more in baseball? I've found that the single most common mistake bettors make when betting on baseball is overlooking the importance of defense.

How can you best measure which defense is good? While some simply ...  read more

NBA Finals MVP Offers Potential Value
TJ Masterline Jun 14, 2015  
I believe there is possibly some value in the NBA MVP race currently. Not since 1969 has a player from the losing team won the award. That was, of course, Jerry West for the LA Lakers, who lost to the Boston Celtics that year. That was the first year the award was given out. I believe the value is on LeBron James, currently at +200 below. If the Cavs win the series, which at this point appears muc ...  read more
Betting Baseball Dogs
TJ Masterline May 25, 2015  
Many square gambers tend to play the favorites more often than they bet on an underdog in baseball. The average baseball gambler sees the team that is supposed to win and looks at the other team as the one who is supposed to lose. Losing is no fun so it’s tough for some players to realize it can be profitable to lose more games than you win as long as your return on each bet is greater than your ...  read more
Tracking the OPS as Starting Pitcher Indicator
Joe Gavazzi May 19, 2015  
Tracking the OPS as Starting Pitcher Indicator By Joe Gavazzi, Winning Sports Advice Monday, May 18, 2015 Last week I authored an article entitled “Using the OPS as Ultimate Arbiter.” In it, I proved that teams who had among the BEST OPS batting AND pitching OPS had among the best records in baseball. The opposite proved to be true that the teams who had the WORST OPS in batting and pitching ...  read more
Using the OPS as Ultimate Arbiter for 2015 MLB
Joe Gavazzi May 12, 2015  
Using the OPS as Ultimate Arbiter By Joe Gavazzi, Winning Sports Advice Monday, May 11, 2015

Baseball has often been described as a “game of inches.” That statement is true of all sports to a degree. But in baseball, the statement seems particularly relevant. It is a matter of inches whether a pitched ball is within the strike zone. Ground balls through the infield often evade an outstret ...  read more

MLB Betting: Three Pitchers Overachieving Early in the Year
Kyle Hunter May 10, 2015  
When betting on baseball, you have to remember it is a really long grind. The season is about six months long. This often means there can be some guys that look like superstars in April that end up being good fade material down the road. Some of the teams at the top of the standings right now won't be even close to the top at the end of the year. I wanted to look at three pitchers who are vastly o ...  read more
How Weather Affects Baseball Totals Betting
TJ Masterline May 9, 2015  
When betting on the total in a major league baseball game one of the biggest misunderstood factors used to handicap whether the game will go over or stay under the total is the weather itself. Everyone has seen the way the wind blowing out at Wrigley Field can turn a normal game into a homerun derby. Many people think the thin air in Coors Field is automatically good for an extra two runs per nigh ...  read more
Chris Paul and the NBA Playoffs
Tony Karpinski May 4, 2015  
Currently, the Clippers PG is playing some of the best ball of his career. CP3 is still one of the 2-3 best pure passers in the NBA, and when he goes into scoring mode, he is awesome, one of the best 3-4 putting the ball in the hoop. And without question, the best on the ball defensive point guards in the league. Proven with his 2.3 steals/game in his career and his deadly outside shooting this se ...  read more
2015 Kentucky Derby Preview and Pick
Tony Karpinski Apr 28, 2015  
The famous race for the roses on Saturday is one of the most favored traditions in American sports. The Kentucky Derby, at Churchill Downs in Louisville, is a huge game changer for 3 year olds racing on a 1.25 mile dirt track. It has been held proudly since 1875, and is the first leg of the Triple Crown, followed up by the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. It looks like Bob Baffert is the man t ...  read more
Tony Karpinski Apr 21, 2015  
As the excitement builds for this years NFL draft, we all watch our teams and await to see who will be donning the team colors of our teams. The draft is held in the legendary city of Chicago, this year, the countdown is on. We are going to take a good look at the VTD predictions for this years 2015 NFL draft as to who your team will, or should, be taking.

1 Tampa Bay - Jameis Winston, QB, F ...  read more

Tony Karpinski Apr 17, 2015  
Washington has a better starting 5. Beal and John Wall are going to cause a lot of issues for the Raptors. They also come in with a top 5 defensive squad. But, they limped into the playoffs, losers of 3 of their last 4 games. Toronto can really get the team moving when they play small ball. The Raptors swept the Wizards during the season, but they always played tight games. Do not be surprised ...  read more
Tax Day NBA Refund Winner
Tony Karpinski Apr 15, 2015  
Utah is 7-3 their last 10 games and playing their best basketball of the season. This is one of my most improved teams and I expect them to be a playoff team next season. They have a good rebounding squad, led by their young 7 footer and shot blocker, Rudy Gobert. He is averaging 9 rebounds a game. Gordon Hayward, who has been playing some nice all around ball, is averaging 19 ppg. Despite gett ...  read more
Saturday Night NBA matchup with Toronto at the Miami Heat
Tony Karpinski Apr 11, 2015  
Toronto has to keep their turnovers low ended. Especially with Goran Dragic roaming the courts for Miami. His speedy game is not a fluke. Terrence Ross, has to keep his shot dropping and also has to check James Ennis, who has been playing much better lately. They will eventually worn down by a determined angry Miami team. Miami will always try to get the best matchup in their favor, of course. L ...  read more
Houston with Revenge on Friday night
Tony Karpinski Apr 10, 2015  
San Antonio always seem to find the right guy for the moment. They are a team that will always make the extra pass, Kawhi Leonard has shown his ability to move the ball, and stuff the stat sheet. But matched up vs Trevor Ariza of Houston will be tough. Houston plays a very good man up defense. Dwight Howard can play the lanes very well, and with more time after coming back, will makes things hard ...  read more
Baseball Betting for Sharps
TJ Masterline Apr 4, 2015  
With March Madness winding down and the first week of the 2015 MLB season underway, it’s time to turn our attention to arguably the most profitable sport for sharp sports bettors, Major League Baseball. It’s important to first outline how baseball betting differs from basketball and football. 1. MLB is a money line sport Because baseball is a low scoring game, the majority of money bet on MLB is ...  read more
Is it time to start talking about the Saints future of their QB position
Tony Karpinski Mar 31, 2015  
There has been nothing but a great feeling for any Saints fan when looking at what Drew Brees brought to that team over the last 9 years. He brought heart, he brought enormous numbers, he brought hope, clutch play, and a Super Bowl victory, where he was awesome, by the way, with 288 yds and 2 tds, having an interception free post season that year, going 8/0.

His career when starting in Sa ...  read more

Should Peyton Manning play for less
Tony Karpinski Mar 30, 2015  

Obviously Peyton Manning has had nothing short of an amazing career and great player and face for the NFL for 17 seasons. But this offseason is going to be beyond interesting. Especially with what Peyton Manning should do in regards to his payment for his services.

The Broncos have to consider many things with the aging QB. Peyton will likely agree to another season, the team is wantin ...  read more

1Vice Sportsbook to give away $2.5 Million for MARCH MADNESS
Tony Karpinski Mar 5, 2015  
San Jose, Costa Rica – Since 2011, 1Vice has been giving away prizes and free bets to thousands of gamblers around the world and today, it announced that a total of $2,634,215 was given out in free money last year making it one of the most generous, if not the most generous medium-sized sportsbook in the gambling industry.

The free money was given out via various sports seasonal promotions t ...  read more

College Hoops: What are the Weaknesses of the Top Title Contenders?
Kyle Hunter Feb 24, 2015  
The calendar is about to turn to March. You know what that means, March Madness is almost here. College basketball is on center stage right now, and as someone who loves college basketball it truly is a great time of the year. Now is the time of the year where everyone starts trying to figure out who can cut down the nets. I wanted to take a look at the weaknesses of several of the top title conte ...  read more Announces their March Madness Contest Line Up
Tony Karpinski Feb 23, 2015  
Monday February 24, 2015 San Jose, Costa Rica – This year, selection Sunday for the NCAA Basketball tournament will take place on March 15, 2015 with Virginia, Kentucky, Duke and Gonzaga going in at the top of the leader board for each region.

This is the time when office pools, sportsbooks and internet contests challenge fans and non-fans alike to correctly guess the outcomes of all ...  read more

What is the solution for the struggles of Oklahoma City Thunder
Tony Karpinski Feb 21, 2015  
The season so far for the Thunder has been a disappointment to say the least. They have had some major issues putting the ball in the hoop and laying points on the scoreboard all season. Scoring 100 a game putting them currently in the middling half of the NBA, is not what fans and the team has been accustomed to over the last several seasons, where they have lit up opponents and being a ...  read more
How to Choose an Online Sportsbook
TJ Masterline Feb 15, 2015  
Sports bettors today have their choice of hundreds of different online sportsbooks to select from. Naturally, some are very good, while others should be avoided at all costs. With so many sportsbooks out there, a bettor should some time and find the one that suits them the best, based on their preference of play. When looking for an online sportsbook there are give primary details a prospective c ...  read more
What Kevin Love gives LeBron James
Tony Karpinski Feb 12, 2015  
This season 4 time MVP LeBron James is getting to play alongside one of the best knock down shooters in the game, Kevin Love. A different kind of big man with some really interesting skills that far exceed Bosh in a number of ways, it's not too shabby of a trade off if you ask me.

KLove brought a lot to the table alongside LeBron, that Bosh didn't bring in Miami. Now, granted Bosh had to cha ...  read more

Kyle Hunter's 3 Free Super Bowl Prop Bet Picks
Kyle Hunter Feb 1, 2015  
1. Tom Brady longest completion under 37.5 yards In his Super Bowl career, Tom Brady has 127 completions. Exactly one of them has gone for more than 37.5 yards. Only two of them have gone for more than 30 yards. It’s highly unlikely that Brady is able to pick up chunk yardage against the Seahawks defense, which is arguably the top tackling defense in the NFL. The Patriots throw a lot of quick pa ...  read more
VegasTopDogs NFL All-Pro Team 2014-2015
Tony Karpinski Jan 27, 2015  
Well, we have all seen that the NFL has released it's All-Pro team out there, some, I agree with, some are sketchy, and there are some changes I believe should be made overall to the whole scheme. The All-Pro team is supposed to be made up of the players who are simply the best at their positions. Bottom line.

For many decades we have seen these "All-Pro teams" put together, but I th ...  read more

The Concept of Value
TJ Masterline Jan 26, 2015  
Today let’s examine one of the least understood concepts for new sports bettor is the concept of value. That's understandable, as many veteran bettors have trouble with the notion, as well.

Placing a bet because it offers good value does not necessarily mean you believe the team you're wagering on is going to win that particular game, especially when you're betting on an underdog on the mon ...  read more

Why you should only use flat bets when betting on sports
Big Jay Dotson Jan 25, 2015  
Success with investing in sporting events is no different than any other investment. One needs to select the correct vehicle, in our case games, and manage their portfolio, in our case bankroll. Failure at either one will surely spell doom to any investment plan. This article covers the latter, managing our bankroll. Bankroll simply refers to money we set aside to invest in sporting events. I ...  read more
Humana Challenge Preview and Picks
Gregg Price Jan 21, 2015  
The PGA Tour leaves the island of Hawaii and heads to the mainland this week for the Humana Challenge in partnership with the Clinton Foundation, formally known as the Bob Hope Classic. The legendary entertainer had his name added to this event back in 1965 and it remained there until four years ago when a new sponsor was finally added after a three-year hiatus. The 156-player field is played over ...  read more
Is the Buffalo Bills Head Coaching position, really that bad
Tony Karpinski Jan 21, 2015  
I was definitely a bit taken aback by the unusual situation that occurred with the Buffalo Bills recently. Especially when the Bills seemed to to be rising from the depths. The team that was clearly on the verge of becoming a legit team to be dealing with, ...  read more
Which NFL QB would you want for the next 10 years:
Tony Karpinski Jan 15, 2015  
Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater or Blake Bortles?

From the draft this year, we saw some names pop up that got great recognition early on, and we saw names pop out of nowhere later. Johnny Manziel has very good arm strength, loaded up with the natural athletic tools that can potentially become a danger in the NFL. He slings the ball with ease, but, right now it's very hard to consider h ...  read more

NFL Divisional Playoffs: Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers
Big Jay Dotson Jan 10, 2015  
This game features the Dallas Cowboys vs the Green Bay Packers. This should prove to a great game as both of these teams had monster regular seasons as both finished 12-4. It's no secret how good the Cowboys have been on the road this season as they finished 8-0, but not to be outdone the Packers finished 8-0 at home this season. Green Bay's QB Aaron Rodgers will be fighting a calf injury on Sun ...  read more
Who is the most important player for a deep Dallas Cowboys playoff run?
Tony Karpinski Jan 8, 2015  
DeMarco Murray has been beyond phenomenal this year with 1845 rushing yds and 13 scores on the ground. His season has done nothing but build an immense amount of confidence in the teams running game, more so than anytime recently.

This season, the Dallas Cowboys have had the 3rd most rushing plays in the entire NFL with 508. Murray has been averaging 24.5 carries/game this season. And ...  read more

Lower Scoring in College Basketball- How to Adjust Your Betting Strategy
Kyle Hunter Jan 6, 2015  
Scoring is way down in college basketball this year. Remember, last year the new hand check rule was put into place and that meant a lot of free throws. The rules have been changed a bit to lessen the impact of that foul. In addition, there have been a lot more charging calls this year, which obviously hurts scoring. Finally, the tempo has slowed down quite a bit. The average tempo that teams are ...  read more
Some Advice On Dealing with a Cold Streak
TJ Masterline Jan 4, 2015  
If you gamble on sports long enough, you'll have to deal with the inevitable losing streak. It doesn't matter how long you've been betting, or how good of a handicapper you are, there are going to be periods where absolutely nothing goes right. How bettors deal with these losing streaks will go a long way in determining their eventual success, or failure, in the world of sports gambling. Anyone c ...  read more
How much pressure is now on CP3?
Tony Karpinski Dec 5, 2014  
Without question, one quick glance shows a stellar career for Chris Paul of the LA Clippers. He has accomplished some great numbers over his 9 year career, and has affected many with his great passing skills and his silky smooth jump shot over the years. But pressure is surely on the rise for Paul he is now one of the 3 top ended stars in the NBA without having won a championship, along wi ...  read more
Kyle Hunter’s Top Five NFL Win Totals
Kyle Hunter Sep 3, 2014  
After almost seven months away, the NFL is back once again. The preseason action wets the appetite, but the regular season is the real thing. This is the must see television, and people all over are blocking off their Sunday afternoons for the next few months. I’ve always done well with regular season win total plays. In this article I’m going to share my top five NFL win total plays for the 2014- ...  read more
Kyle Hunter’s Top Five NCAA Football Win Totals
Kyle Hunter Aug 27, 2014  
College football is back! I think I speak for a ton of fans when I say it’s good to have college football going once again. One of the areas where I have been most profitable over the years is finding regular season win totals plays that have value. I love breaking down a team’s strengths and weaknesses and evaluating the schedule to see what kind of value I can find on these season long wagers. I ...  read more
Five Tips For College Football Early Season Betting
Kyle Hunter Aug 14, 2014  
College football is only a couple weeks away. It’s an exciting time of the year for college football fans and bettors alike. It also means it is time to get serious on your preparation for the season. I’ve been preparing for college football season now for several weeks, and I always get questions from bettors about what I think is most important early in the year. Here’s a look at five key tips t ...  read more
2014 MLB Fantasy player predictions for your season
Tony Karpinski Mar 25, 2014  
In fantasy baseball, surprises happen every year, just like in every fantasy sport. but of course, we know not every surprise is always a good one to have. Some are bad surprises, and we will take a look at the guys who will not disappoint you in your league this year. Of course, it's one thing to use numbers from last season to work out a collection of top end performers for your draft this se ...  read more
March Madness is here and we have winning tips for you!
Tony Karpinski Mar 16, 2014  
This is the most exciting time of the college basketball season and the most anticipated and watched event in sports next to the Super Bowl.

I have correctly pegged 2 of the 4 teams who made it to the FINAL FOUR in eight straight years. This year I am giving you some of my top advice on what it takes to be a champion. Of course, you can never foresee injuries, suspensions, foul trouble, poo ...  read more

What does Carmelo Anthony have to do to win a championship?
Tony Karpinski Mar 10, 2014  
As most sports watchers are well aware of, the upheaval of the New York Knicks and their troubled superstar, Carmelo Anthony. Anthony has been a great offensive existence on his teams for years. Scoring 25 a night for his career, including 28+ a game in 4 seasons. When Carmelo came out of Syracuse, I feel that many people felt he was a winner and a leader on the court, who could bring that w ...  read more
John Fisher Mar 3, 2014  

My colleagues always ask if I will HIT over 50% this YEAR in MLB plays. I laugh. I just say if that occurs my clients will go from 6 figures to 7 figures. Over the last three seasons in MLB I’ve posted a 45% Winning percentage. Case in point my DOCUMENTED RECORD at Vegas Top Dogs in MLB was a dismal 210-215 -11 in 2013. Most ordinary HC’s with that record would put them way below in the RED. Ho ...  read more

The Race for the NBA MVP is heating up
Tony Karpinski Mar 3, 2014  
The battle for the leagues best player is seemingly getting underway in a very entertaining manner. It's really starting to get interesting to say the least. It looks like we are going to see a very close finish between Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and LeBron James of the Miami Heat. It is turning into a very good battle between them to see who gets the crown of being the leagues "M ...  read more
NBA Mid season report 2014
Tony Karpinski Feb 19, 2014  
The NBA regular season is just about halfway through. After the halfway mark of the season, let’s take a glimpse at a few of the best and worst of the season.

Coach of the Year; Terry Stotts (Portland Trailblazers) The 2nd year Head Coach with the Blazers seems to have them in great shape, and believing in themselves. The Blazers have been a clean example of offensive dominance u ...  read more

Are we convinced Blake Griffin is going to the next level?
Tony Karpinski Feb 15, 2014  
When we watch highlights and -Sportscenter- there are likely going to be highlights from the LA Clippers power forward, Blake Griffin. Dazzling fans with his ridiculous dunks, and big time power play moves on the court. His athleticism has never been a question. He has always been a very good rebounder, with a career 10.3 avg off the glass, who is fast heading up the court, and he's very strong. B ...  read more
John Fisher Feb 1, 2014  
Prop plays can make playing these games FUN instead of nerve racking. From the simple coin toss to Mannings 'Omaha' props can yield a profit when thought out. Put most of your money on Side then total. Mix in some small plays on best ODDS. My Top 10 Plays 1) Eric Decker 10/1 Scores first TD 2) Manning Passing Over 290 Yds Yes/No....No(-110) 3) More Rushing Yds..Lynch(-30)/Moreno (+30).....Mo ...  read more
What kind of message is Carmelo Anthony sending to the Knicks with his free agency talk?
Tony Karpinski Jan 5, 2014  
Carmelo Anthonys career has been good overall. When he was drafted by the Nuggets in 2003 , I think that most everyone felt that the 6-8 forward was going to be a prominent player who was going to be a scoring machine and a possible champion someday. Melo has never been a poor scorer, by any means. Putting up career numbers of 25/ game. And has been a solid rebounder as well with 6.5/clip. ...  read more
Is the old RG III done for the Redskins and their future?
Tony Karpinski Dec 26, 2013  
With all the recent chattering with the Redskins saying they are going to be playing QB Kirk Cousins instead of Robert Griffin III over the last 3 games of the 2013 season. Not just being sat, but being deactivated for the last 3 games. Seems to plainly be much more than we are getting from the front of the story, of course. If he is in fact being sat for reasons of health, all right, le ...  read more
Is there overhyping of Andrew Luck?
Tony Karpinski Dec 23, 2013  
This season, Andrew Luck has had various people judge him a bit with more skepticism than typical. Unsure if it's because of skills, expectations, or maybe because he almost lost at home to Terrell Pryor, and lost at home to 2012 8th overall pick, and an unsteady QB RyanTannehill.

He has been throwing the ball with spotty accuracy, hitting 59 % on the season, 236 his yards/ga ...  read more

Do you think Jamaal Charles should be included in the MVP conversation?
Tony Karpinski Dec 16, 2013  
With all the great things happening this 2013 season, with some amazing numbers being thrown around, Peyton Mannings ridiculous start to the season, of course comes immediately to mind and was easily and by far the early heavy favorite as the NFL MVP this season. But since week 8, Manning actually has been somewhat earthly in those games.

Tom Brady, of course, as seemingly always is ...  read more

3 Best Sporting Events To Watch This Week
Tony Karpinski Dec 12, 2013  
All this week in the world of sports has plenty of events to offer, but there are a few events that truly demand a sports fan’s undivided attention and great TV watching action. Lets start with College Basketball: Kentucky Wildcats @ North Carolina Tar Heels (Saturday) This is the best game of the week in colle ...  read more
3 Best Sporting Events To Watch This Week
Tony Karpinski Dec 4, 2013  



The coming week in the world of sports has plenty of events to offer for sportsbook bettors but there are a few events that truly demand your undivided attention.


read more

Which NFL team has the better chance of getting back to the Super Bowl this season?
Tony Karpinski Dec 3, 2013  
The NFL Las Vegas Hilton SuperBook Top 10 finisher TonyK is ready to roll with NFL Football this season. TonyK is considered one of the best handicappers in NFL and College Football. After last seasons amazing game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, out of these two teams, which one has the better chance of getting back to the bowl this season?

Baltimore lost Ray Lew ...  read more

3 Best Sporting Events To Watch This Week
Tony Karpinski Nov 27, 2013  



The coming week in the world of sports will still be a showcase for collegiate and professional football. Thanksgiving weekend is a weekend made for football viewing.


NCAA Football: Duke Blue Devils @ North Ca ...  read more

Is Big Ben to blame for the offensive struggles in Pittsburgh?
Tony Karpinski Nov 13, 2013  
For many years Pittsburgh has been the staple of a region where hard work and well earned sweat have been the trademark. Ben Roethlisberger has been everything you would want from a QB for a franchise standpoint, he has heart, had many game winning drives has won Super Bowls, won 10 playoff games, as well has the most passing yards in Steelers history.

Ben has been what the Steelers ne ...  read more

Football Matchups From The NFL And NCAA
Tony Karpinski Nov 12, 2013  



Things are really getting interesting in the world of football. The final unbeaten team in the NFL will face a tough trip against a division rival while a number of top-ten teams are in action in the college ranks.


...  read more

Football Matchups From The NFL And NCAA
Tony Karpinski Nov 5, 2013  

Football Matchups From The NFL And NCAA


As the weather gets colder, the pressure heats up on the football field. Here is a look at the best matchups in the sportsbook for this week in football.



< ...  read more
2013 NBA Season Preview and Predictions
Tony Karpinski Oct 22, 2013  
We are getting all set for a new season of NBA basketball, three point shots, buzzer beaters, rim rocking dunks, and shake your head dimes. Making fans all over, like myself, get excited for the opening nights games, I always look forward to seeing what players step it up, and what ones don’t.

So with the season knocking on the doorstep, let’s take a gaze forward and take a look into the 201 ...  read more

Why Nick Foles could better the team, to be the Eagles starter
Tony Karpinski Oct 14, 2013  
Nick Foles, the 10 game ‘veteran’, finds himself in another QB state of affairs this year. Not that there is a profound controversy about the starter in Philly, because we all know that Michael Vick is the fan favorite apparently all the time, in spite of game play. This is unusual for Philly fans, which tend to be pretty nasty and honest with how they feel, viciously honest at times. The 24 ...  read more
Bigger shocker in New York, the Giants or the Jets?
Tony Karpinski Oct 7, 2013  
The 2 biggest markets in football cities both come from the big city, infamous New York. Where when you’re on top, you are on top of the world, and when you’re down, you are stomped on by every section of the city that is possible to be stomped from.

The New York Jets have had a surprising beginning to the season, playing acceptable ball, which is more than what was expected. At the begi ...  read more

NCAA Football Smaller School Key Injuries
Kyle Hunter Oct 7, 2013  
When betting on college football, you always want to look for that extra information that will help you get an edge on the books. Often, I find that smaller schools games are good opportunities to get that edge. Information isn't as widely available here, and the oddsmakers don't spend quite as much time on these games.

Injuries are extremely important in college football, and there have ...  read more

What Eddie Lacy brings to the Packers
Tony Karpinski Oct 6, 2013  
What does Eddie Lacy do to help the Packers heading into 2013 season? He will most certainly improve their offense in numerous fashions.

The Pack have had more than their share of woeful running seasons recently. In 2012 the Packers scored 27 ppg, went 11-5 and were an absolute wreck running the rock.

They ran the ball 433 times on the season, 16th in the league last year, scored only ...  read more

Is EJ Manual the real deal for Buffalo?
Tony Karpinski Sep 24, 2013  
The Buffalo Bills over the last few seasons have been anything but a great organization. Obviously with a 6-10 record in 2012 and a preceding 6-10 record in 2011. Buffalo fans need to go back to 1999 for the last time they won 10 + games.

They have had their share of QB problems over the last 13 seasons, with J.P. Losman, Drew Bledsoe being brought in, and Trent Edwards being drafted, w ...  read more

2013 NFL Season Predictions
Tony Karpinski Aug 26, 2013  
AFC East

*– New England Patriots (2012 record 12-4) 2013 Prediction 10-6 Miami Dolphins (2012 record 7-9) 2013 Prediction 9-7 Buffalo Bills (2012 record 6-10) 2013 Prediction 5-11 New York Jets (2012 record 6-10) 2013 Prediction 4-12

North *– ...  read more

Geno Smith indicates a new era for the NYJ franchise.
Tony Karpinski Aug 25, 2013  
Most NFL fans would certainly admit the QB position in the NFL is the most significant and important piece to a team. And perceptibly the foundation off of how good the team will likely be.

If you take a look at 5 top teams from last year, their starting QBs were Brady, Ryan, Peyton Manning, Schaub, and Rodgers between them, that’s 164 TDs, 22,508 YDs, and an incredible 61-19 record ...  read more

NFL preseason odds: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots
Tony Karpinski Aug 21, 2013  
The New England Patriots avoided potential disaster on Wednesday when quarterback Tom Brady went down with what looked like a potentially serious knee injury, but Brady seems to be fine and in fact may start Friday night when the Patriots host the Bucs in Week 2 of the preseason.

That all assumes that Brady does not experience an increase in pain or swelling in his left knee overnight and th ...  read more

Does Cowboys QB Tony Romo merit his big-time payday he recently received
Tony Karpinski Aug 14, 2013  
Firstly, Tony Romo takes an awful lot of blame for a QB who has always put up fantastic numbers every season. It all comes down to the post season for Tony Romo, which is why so many people have such a problem with his big payday. People love to bash on him constantly because he has shown up small in some post season games.

Think about how many teams would easily; have paid that kind of ...  read more

Can Nnamdi Asomugha bounce back after his horrendous seasons in Philly
Gregg Price Apr 27, 2013  
Asomugha was regarded as one of the leagues best shutdown corner backs in the NFL. Playing in the AFC West for 8 seasons, where he was a feared adversary for opposing QBs, week after week. And QBs had to deal with his ability to shut down a quarter of the field all the time.

When he signed with the Eagles in 2011, a huge deal was made out of it. He was going to be the savior for the team ...  read more

Who are the NBA’s top contenders for the championship this season
Tony Karpinski Apr 26, 2013  
There have been a lot of terrific moments of this season; it has given us a number of teams that have played excellently, some surprise up and comers to watch for, teams that have, with pleasure, outplayed their forecast. There has been some impressive basketball.

The most intriguing storyline to me, of course is the Miami Heat making an attempt to repeat. Let’s see if LeBron can lead hi ...  read more

Is LeBron talking about hard fouls making him look soft, or just being true
Tony Karpinski Apr 11, 2013  
Recently Danny Ainge made the comment about LeBron James and him “complaining about calls being embarrassing.” Really, Danny?

Is this a good point for you to make, when your entire career was riddled with boos and hate mail because of your incessant whining and complaining. How can you in seriousness complain about LeBron complaining?

Notice the irony, there? Now a few things to ...  read more

MLB Betting Tips: 3 Ways to Stay Focused on the Long Run
Kyle Hunter Apr 9, 2013  
Betting on Major League Baseball is totally different than betting on any other sport. There are no point spreads and the season lasts longer than any other season. While this may not seem like a big deal, the truth is it means you need to have a different game plan.

Far too many bettors place too much emphasis on short-term results, and that can lead to a lot of pain when betting on a sport ...  read more

March Madness Betting Tip: Be Cautious Betting Public Favorites
Kyle Hunter Mar 13, 2013  
March Madness Betting Tip: Be Cautious Betting Public Favorites March Madness is the best time of the year for a college basketball fan, and it can be a great time for bettors as well, but there are a lot of bettors who lose their shirt during the month of March. Generally, it is betting on the public favorites that makes bettors end up deep in the red. You’ve likely heard before that betting o ...  read more
The growing expectations of the Golden State Warriors
Gregg Price Mar 12, 2013  
After the recent explosion by Step Curry against the New York Knicks, in the palace of hoops, at Madison Square Garden, for 54 points, including going 11-13 from behind the arc. It leaves many inquiring more than enough about the Warriors as a team.

Unfortunately for Golden State, they lost the game 109-105, behind Carmelo Anthony and his quiet 35. Although Tyson Chandler, to me, wa ...  read more

Tony Karpinski Mar 7, 2013  
Another great season so far, we have had undeniable great play all over the courts. I have been enjoying great ball, dunks, deep balls and sweet no look passes. Let’s take a look at the 1st season of the NBA thus far, with the VTD 2013 Midseason NBA awards.

Most Improved Player of the year

Kemba Walker, PG, Charlotte Bobcats; 17 ppg, 3 rpg, 6 apg, Kemba has improved numerous ...  read more

College Basketball Handicapping: Predicting the Line on Marquee Matchups
Kyle Hunter Feb 26, 2013  
by Aaron Smith - 2/25/2013

Indiana sits at the top of the rankings for a third straight week after coming out of East Lansing with a big win over the Spartans. The Miami Hurricanes had been getting a lot of votes for the top spot, but their loss to Wake Forest sends them down several spots in the rankings this week.

If you are a college basketball fan, it’s hard not to love this time o ...  read more

Which point guard is the best in the NBA
Tony Karpinski Feb 25, 2013  
Being a point guard always will be in my eyes, one of the most important positions in the sport of hoops. As a starting point guard, you are the one who keeps the engine running smoothly, the chemistry flowing, you are the team’s director, and catalyst, the “quarterback” on the basketball court. To be the best, you have to get the best out of your guys, and make them better. And to me, th ...  read more
Top 10 best NFL Defensive Players in recent era
Tony Karpinski Feb 10, 2013  
With Ray Lewis retiring this season, a great deal has been said about some of the all-time greats who have played defense in the NFL in history and of course, where does #52 land in the top. I wasn’t able to watch some of the old time greats, who all had great careers, but I missed out due to my birth date.

Sorry. So to be fair, I am going to take a look at who my top 10 defensive pla ...  read more

Tony Karpinski Jan 31, 2013  
After all the waiting, the NFL forlornly, yet eagerly, comes down to this, the Super Bowl. The season is almost over with a colossal occasion like no other sporting event in the world. The Baltimore Ravens play the San Francisco 49ers for the NFL championship, all season long; the Ravens have been that team that was decent, but not considered a huge threat. The Niners have done what we hav ...  read more
Which quarterback is the real breakout star of the Super Bowl?
Tony Karpinski Jan 28, 2013  
Colin Kaepernick came into the season as a backup, not expecting to play any relevant snaps for the San Francisco 49ers this season. Alex Smith was their guy they stuck with through thick and thin, as difficult as it was at times for a 49ers fan to watch, Smith was the ultimate game manager, going 19-5-1 over the last 2 seasons, and getting his team to the NFC Championship last season.

S ...  read more

Teams in serious need for a QB upgrade in 2013
John Fisher Jan 19, 2013  
Arizona Cardinals; do we need to seriously even open this can of worms that sits in Arizona as we speak? Between Kolb and Skelton, they have a total combined completion percentage of 56%. Kolb who was signed as the “Golden Child” in 2011 has nowhere near lived up to the prospective and hope he was brought in under. Which I always felt was a lot to put on a guy who going in only had career 11 T ...  read more
Is this the demise of the Sacramento Kings?
Gregg Price Jan 19, 2013  
The latest NBA news pulsating around the basketball world is the buzz that the Sacramento Kings could be sold and moved to Seattle. And of course, it’s always hard to see a team leave a city especially when the fans really want a basketball team.

Problem is, at the end of the day it is all about the money and as a business resolution. The Kings have had awful attendance only grabbing ap ...  read more

Tony Karpinski Jan 13, 2013  
The NFL Pro Bowl is slowly approaching (I know, makes me sad as well). It is still the boring lame game that no one is tuning in and watching. The NFL Pro Bowl game is certainly one of the worst, to the point as of where Goodell was considering stopping it all together, which I would be okay with if it was decided. The players need to participate, at least give 75%.

Big arms in the poc ...  read more

NCAA Basketball: Five Underrated Mid-Major Teams
Kyle Hunter Jan 12, 2013  
The term mid-major has gotten a lot more attention in the past few years than it ever got before. That's what happens when George Mason and VCU make the Final Four and Butler gets to the title game twice. There might not be another Final Four contender among the mid-major teams, but some of these teams fly under the radar during the season. Here's five underrated mid-major teams to keep your eye o ...  read more
How the New York Knicks have become legitimate contenders in the NBA
Tony Karpinski Jan 11, 2013  
Now with all the bad games of last years early season, behind us, we look at a team that looks complete. The Knicks have become a much better team this year, most markedly, on the offensive end of the game.

Loaded up with shooters like J.R. Smith, Steve Novak, and Raymond Felton on their team who are all stroking it well from the outside. But truly important is how they are taking care o ...  read more



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