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2013 NFL Season Predictions

Tony  Karpinski

By: Tony Karpinski    Date: Aug 26, 2013    Print Article   

AFC East

*– New England Patriots (2012 record 12-4) 2013 Prediction 10-6 Miami Dolphins (2012 record 7-9) 2013 Prediction 9-7 Buffalo Bills (2012 record 6-10) 2013 Prediction 5-11 New York Jets (2012 record 6-10) 2013 Prediction 4-12

North *– Cincinnati Bengals (2012 record 10-6) 2013 Prediction 11-5 +- Pittsburgh Steelers (2012 record 8-8) 2013 Prediction 9-7 Baltimore Ravens (2012 record 10-6) 2013 Prediction 8-8 Cleveland Browns (2012 record 5-11) 2013 Prediction 5-11


*– Houston Texans (2012 record 12-4) 2013 Prediction 12-4 +- Indianapolis Colts (2012 record 11-5) 2013 Prediction 11-5 Tennessee Titans (2012 record 6-10) 2013 Prediction 5-11 Jacksonville Jaguars (2012 record 2-14) 2013 Prediction 2-14


*– Denver Broncos (2012 record 13-3) 2013 Prediction 13-3 Kansas City Chiefs (2012 record 2-14) 2013 Prediction 7-9 San Diego Chargers (2012 record 7-9) 2013 Prediction 6-10 Oakland Raiders (2012 record 4-12) 2013 Prediction 4-12



*– Dallas Cowboys (2012 record 8-8) 2013 Prediction 11-5 New York Giants (2012 record 9-7) 2013 Prediction 9-7 Washington Redskins (2012 record 10-6) 2013 Prediction 9-7 Philadelphia Eagles (2012 record 4-12) 2013 Prediction 5-11


*– Green Bay Packers (2012 record 11-5) 2013 Prediction 10-6 +– Minnesota Vikings (2012 record 10-6) 2013 Prediction 10-6 Chicago Bears (2012 record 10-6) 2013 Prediction 10-6 Detroit Lions (2012 record 4-12) 2013 Prediction 4-12


*– Atlanta Falcons (2012 record 13-3) 2013 Prediction 13-3 New Orleans Saints (2012 record 7-9) 2013 Prediction 9-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2012 record 7-9) 2013 Prediction 7-9 Carolina Panthers (2012 record 7-9) 2013 Prediction 4-12


*– San Francisco 49ers (2012 record 11-4-1) 2013 Prediction 11-5 +–Seattle Seahawks (2012 record 11-5) 2013 Prediction 11-5 St. Louis Rams (2012 record 7-8-1) 2013 Prediction 8-8 Arizona Cardinals (2012 record 5-11) 2013 Prediction 4-12


*– Division winner

+– Wild Card

But these aren’t the only forecasts I am pulling together today. I also will provide you this seasons 2013 AFC champion, the NFC champion plus the Super Bowl winner. Additionally as I also give you your 2013 MVP, Offensive Rookie of the Year, Defensive Rookie of the Year, and Coach of the Year predictions.

Offensive Rookie of the Year- Montee Ball (RB, Denver Broncos) I think the powerful running back from Wisconsin easily ends up with 9+ TDs, and close to 1200+ rushing yards, particularly with so many teams concerned with the slinging arm of a man named Manning in Denver. This will open things up ASAP.

Defensive Rookie of the Year- Ezekiel Ansah (DE, Detroit Lions) I believe can end up with 10+ sacks, and will a huge help on the field with a wicked front line of Jones, Fairley, and Suh the Lions are ready to benefit from his presence on the field immediately.

Coach of the Year- Andy Reid (Kansas City Chiefs) After a tough departure from Philadelphia, Andy will show everyone yet again why he is an exceptional coach. He will immediately make an impact in the AFC West division and give every opponent a run for their money, night in and night out. His 130 career wins will begin adding more relatively quick when he turns the Chiefs season around.

MVP of the year – Matt Ryan (QB, Atlanta Falcons) Always an accurate passer in his 5 seasons, this year he breaks into the upper excellence of the greats. With his sick duo of WRs and adding Steven Jackson as yet another weapon for him to get the ball to, I expect a massive season from Matty Ice. I expect close to 35+ TDs, and 5100 YDs.

AFC Champion- Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning came here for one reason, to win another Super Bowl, this year they get there. They have added Wes Welker as another weapon for Peyton to find, and the ROY Montee Ball will punish opponents, making them a great dual threat team to contend with.

NFC Champion- Atlanta Falcons, they have the same basic core of offense coming back, except for a better RB, and also better defensive additions to the team, also adding DE Osi Umenyiora, to open the passing rush up a bit, and a steady secondary will solidify the team. This year they are coming back, after getting beaten 28-24 to the Niners last year.

Super Bowl Champion- Atlanta Falcons are ready to celebrate. It’s been 14 years for the team to get back in the limelight as a contender. Having never won a championship, this will set in motion the legacy of Matt Ryan and his crew.

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