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Tony  Karpinski

By: Tony Karpinski    Date: Jan 13, 2013    Print Article   

The NFL Pro Bowl is slowly approaching (I know, makes me sad as well). It is still the boring lame game that no one is tuning in and watching. The NFL Pro Bowl game is certainly one of the worst, to the point as of where Goodell was considering stopping it all together, which I would be okay with if it was decided. The players need to participate, at least give 75%.

Big arms in the pocket, leaping receptions, sweet dipping and dodging as a RB breaks through the O-line, smooth clean hits on players, that make us say “ooh and ahhh”, it’s like watching a real game. Wouldn’t that be nice? Let’s take a look at who has played the best ball is who should be in the game.

Of course, what makes a Pro Bowl is completely one-sided, is it from the attractive teams, or individual skills based on their season? But, as I have said before, many times over, I’m done complaining about it (not in fact, I will for all time complain). It’s meant to be the apex performers in the game; I want to see the guys that really belong there, instead of the guy who just sells a ton of jerseys.

So moving on, I am going to start with the offensive side of the ball first, we have the AFC Pro Bowlers. Skill position starters are QB Peyton Manning (absolutely), RB Arian Foster (completely) , FB Vonta Leach (no question) WRs AJ Green (agreed) Andre Johnson (ehhhh) and TE Rob Gronkowski (unconditionally)

Most are okay, except in particular Andre Johnson, I recognize he had a huge season with 1598 YDs, 112 catches, but found the endzone merely 4 times), but lets look into it deeper.

AFC key reserves are RBs Jamaal Charles and Ray Rice (Charles was fantastic, Rice was good) Reggie Wayne and Wes Welker (11 TDs collectively between them both) Tom Brady and Matt Schaub (Schaub is a very overrated QB to me).

Let’s take another look at who got I feel got snubbed here who deserved it more. How about Ben Roethlisberger (3265 YDs, 26 TDs and only 8 ints) over Matt Schaub at QB? Why didn’t Stevan Ridley (1263 YDs and 12 TDs) make it at RB over Ray Rice (less Yds and fewer TDs), Demaryius Thomas (1434 YDs, on 94 catches and 10 TDs) over Reggie Wayne (a lesser amount of YDs, TDs and YPC)?

In the NFC, we have QB Aaron Rodgers (utterly), RB Adrian Peterson (undeniably) FB Jerome Felton (conclusively) WRs Calvin Johnson (indisputably) and Brandon Marshall (undoubtedly) TE Tony Gonzalez (of course) Pretty solid starters, not much issues with their starting squad.

But the NFC reserves include RG3 and Matt Ryan (both had superior seasons) RBs Marshawn Lynch and Frank Gore (great backs, without question) WRs Julio Jones and Victor Cruz (solid) and TE Jason Witten (got even better as the season went on).

More problems in the NFC, where is Drew Brees at QB? I understand he had thrown quite a bit of picks, but he threw the ball 670 times and finished with league leading 5177 YDs 43 TDs, and only 19 picks, for that many attempts (2.8% int pct.). Victor Cruz is an immensely talented WR; but how about Dez Bryant (1382 YDs, and 12 TDs, 15.0 YPC). Vincent Jackson and his 1384 YDs and astounding 19.2 YPC should have been strongly considered as well.

On defense, AFC, some guys that didn’t make it that I think should have gotten more deliberation are Cary Williams, CB (75 tckles, 4 ints, and 17 PD) Devin McCourty, CB (82 tckles, 5 picks, 13 PD and 3 FF), and from the NFC, Richard Sherman, CB (64 tackles, 8 ints, 24 PD, along with 3 FF) Chad Greenway, LB (148 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 pick, 2 fumble recoveries) Charles Johnson, DE (12.5 sacks, 7 FF, and 100 YDs lost 2nd in NFC)

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