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Craig Trapp

Football season is our favorite time of year, get tonight's easy money winner!

Craig has been handicapping for 10 years. Over that 10 years he learned how to study games and the lines and developed a winning strategy. He has consistently been producing winners for years now. In 2008 Craig decided to start releasing his plays to the public for everyone to profit. Craig is one of many professional handicappers to list and track there plays. Track his winners and witness why others pay to get his opinion. His expertise is in football, basketball, and baseball.

Quit looking at betting as a risk and start looking at it as an investment! Give Craig a chance today and watch your ROI increase dramatically!

Sorry, there are no free plays available at this time. Please check back again.
Release Times
Will try to have picks up be entered by 1pm eastern standard time Monday thru Friday and 11:30AM ET on weekends including holidays.
Rating System
Craig's rating system (More Stars = Stronger Plays)

1 and 2 star- daily free play (opinion)

3 and 4 star- Very strong Daily plays

5 star- Top Play of Day, Week, or Month

Money Management
Obviously casinos are not built on losers. Most players lose more than they win. Most bettors lose because they lack the discipline to withstand the hot and cold streaks. Each game realeased will be rated 1-5 stars. This is to help the bettors know how much to wager on each game. For example: use the rating syster for percent play a percentage of your bankroll. Remember do not chase losses let the law of averages bring you back. Sports Wagering can be a game of cold and hot streaks!

For 50 dollar players for example

1 star- $50

2 star- $75

3 star- $100

4 star- $125

5 star- $150

Multiply of Devide by this base system to get what you should bet each day according to the star play! Try to keep your daily wager amount less than 5% of your bankroll.

Sorry, there are no picks packages available at this time. Please check back again.

Craig's Daily All Sports Package
You won't believe your eyes get all of Craig's play for one day. Craig's single plays range from 15-20 bucks so get in now! SAVE BIG WIN BIG!
Craig's WEEKLY ALL Sports Plays
Get all of Craig's picks for one week!! This includes all sports plays from Craig and includes all level of plays!! Craig's 2012 finished well and 2013 has been even better and red hot! Get in now as this weekly package is a huge savings over buying individual games. Get all the TOP PLAY IN BASEBALL ACTION NOW!
Craig's Monthly All Sports Plays
Get ALL SPORTS for Craig for the next 30 days! This includes all TOP PLAY- Games of the Month and Year and all level of plays!! Enjoy Craig's picks at a huge savings when you buy his monthly package with his RED HOT PICKS and detailed writeups with each play!

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