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Jeff Hochman

I have over 25 top 25 rankings in the four major sports documented. Top-rated 10 unit gems are 85-51 L136, 102-60 L162, and 157-82 last 239 all sports combined. Started in 1998. Jump on board today!
Jeff is one of the most respected names in the Sports Handicapping industry with over 25 Top 25 rankings. Jeff is also a published sports writer, covering everything from Football to Fantasy Sports. Jeff is also the former Odds Manager for Picks Pal.

Jeff Hochman of JH-Sportsline burst onto the sports betting scene in the 1990s, first making his selections available to the public in 1998. Now entering his 16th year, Jeff has become one of the most successful and well-respected handicappers in the Nation.

Jeff has his selections documented by the The Sports Monitor of OK. During that time, he accumulated numerous seasonal titles in all the major sports including NBA and NHL Hockey.

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Release Times
Expect to be locked and loaded no later than 9:00 AM ET, all seven days of the week. Most updates are sent much earlier.
Rating System
Jeff rates his plays 3, 4, 5,10, and his 20 unit Games of the Year for NFL, College Football, NHL, NBA/College Hoops, and MLB. Jeff rates his Horse selections 1, 2,3,4, and 5 units.
Money Management
Making money in this business is all about money management and of course picking winners. This is not a hobby of mine! It's my business and I take it very seriously. You should determine how much of your bankroll you want on each unit. Jeff says his average customer plays $50 per unit, so we will use that for this example. If Jeff has a 10 star play and the line is -110 you would risk $550.00 to win $500.00. This is basic money management and is the key to winning long term.
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Jeff's 2014-15 NFL Preseason package
You will hear people say Don't bet on NFL Preseason Football. Big Mistake! It's actually easier than capping the regular season. There are numerous systems and angles that work like gold when handicapping NFL games in August. I feel the NFL preseason is a great opportunity to start and build a nice bankroll for the upcoming regular season. Jeff has cashed in five out of the past six years when handicapping NFL games in August.
Jeff's One Month All Sports Package (Guaranteed!)
Special Discount Rate for 30 consecutive days of Jeff's All Sports Package-- Jeff is a proven winner with over 16 years handicapping experience. The former odds-manager will make you a fortune in the NFL, College Football, and MLB. Top-rated 10 unit gems are 85-51 L136, 102-60 L162, and 157-82 last 239 all sports combined.
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Includes NFL Preseason for free! Special Discount Rate for all NFL & College Football selections through the 2015 Super Bowl. There will be nothing else to buy. Jeff (JH-Sportsline) is a proven winner with over 16 years handicapping experience. Jeff cashed 57% in both College & NFL football last season, and has shown a profit for 6 straight seasons. Jeff's Top-rated 10 unit gems have cashed over 67% the past 10 years on all Football selections. If you're looking for a consistent winner than jump on board before this Early Bird price goes up. Save $200 and get Jeff's NFL Preseason package as a no-charge bonus.
One Full Year All Sports Personal Package
Jeff has all the credentials that you look for in a winning service. He started writing sports related articles after graduating High School, while also starting college in 1991. Jeff was hired by Picks Pal Inc as their Manager of Odds in Mountain View, CA and held the position for over two years. Jeff has a documented #1 ranking in the NBA (2005-06) and a documented #1 ranking in Hockey. Jeff is a 4-time NHL Handicapping champion. No fluke there. Three regular season Titles (2002, 2006, 2009) and one Post-season Title. Jeff has over 20 Top 25 rankings in his career fully documented. Quality over Quantity is my motto.

Jeff has been working in this business for over 19 years and maintains his honest approach. Win or lose you always get the truth. Jump on board with your West Coast Wise Guy. You'll be Glad you did! This Yearly package is Guaranteed to show you a profit. Top-rated 10 unit gems are 85-51 L136, 102-60 L162, and 157-82 last 239 all sports combined.

•  MLB 155-112-6 (59% for +$2021) Last 273 - Free Picks
•  All Leagues 347-275-20 (56% for +$4017) Last 642 - Free Picks
•  NFL 59-47-6 (56% for +$651) Last 112 - Free Picks
•  NBA 45-32-1 (59% for +$1073) Last 78 - Free Picks
•  NCAAB 68-60-2 (54% for +$341) Last 130 - Free Picks
•  NBA 90-77-2 (54% for +$820) Last 169 - Free Picks
•  NHL 27-21 (57% for +$70) Last 48 - Free Picks
•  All Football 45-34-4 (57% for +$661) Last 83 - Free Picks
•  NCAAF 91-83-5 (53% for +$54) Last 179 - Free Picks
•  All Leagues 438-370-22 (55% for +$2272) Last 830 - Free Picks
•  MLB 92-61-5 (61% for +$1844) Last 158 - Free Picks
•  MLB 71-47-3 (61% for +$1288) Last 121 - Free Picks

Sunday, July 27, 2014
Detroit Tigers vs. Los Angeles Angels (MLB) - 3:35 PM EDT Premium Pick
Play: Money Line: 107     Detroit Tigers     Play Title: Jeff's 4* MLB Grand Slam play Loss
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•  All Leagues 3-2 (60% for +$40)
•  MLB 2014 3-2 (60% for +$40)

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•  All Leagues 9-8-1 (53% for +$430)
•  Soccer 2014 1-0-1 (100% for +$675)


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