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Tony George

NFL - NCAA Totally Dialed In - MLB Post Season in 2014 was 12-4 gents. Look for Low Volume - High return with my Plays - Coming off a 7-1-1 Weekend in Football PREPARE TO WIN
Tony George, President and CEO of Tony George Sports - A Partner in Locker Room Picks - Host of a National Show Show on Yahoo Sports Radio weekly on Saturday and Sundays at 11 EST beginning August 2015, (Thursday's 8-10 PM EST in the Summer Months and a respected brand name in the industry for 2 decades. Over 61 Top 10 awards from respected monitors over the years as well. Tony appears on over 5 national radio shows a week for his expertise.

Based in Kansas City, MO, formerly of Lincoln , NE, George started his business in 1992 with the idea that sports handicapping shouldn't be exempt from ethical conduct. George's full-time firm dedicates itself solely to winning and places expectations high.

George became one of the first cappers to sell a play on the Internet when he set up online in 1995. He's a proud member of Pregame Pros, as well as a contributor to numerous large gaming portals over the years, such as Covers, Covers Experts, Pregame, Gambling 911, Playbook, OSGA, Yahoo Sports, and Locker Room Picks and others too numerous to mention that he has appeared on since the inception of the Internet.

George and his staff also are known in the sports gaming world as specialists in the Big 12 and Mo Valley. Big 12 for football and hoops, Mo Valley for Hoops and also in the past 4 years George has stepped it up in the Big 10 in football and hoops as well. Money management is important to George, who unit rates every game to ensure even the novice sports bettor has a way to maximize profits and minimize losses. George uses situational analysis and power numbers in a system that has proven to be very consistent.

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Release Times
NCAA Football - By Thursday

NFL- By Friday

All Bases, NBA and NCAA Hoops, Day of Game by 10:30 AM CST at the latest. Be sure and wager RIGHT AWAY once a play is released for the best possible line value avaliable, especially on moneyline plays in baseball and the NBA.

Rating System
1-4 Units. A Unit is your normal Wager. So if you are a $200 Player and I have a 1 Unit Play, you wager the normal amount. If I have a 3 Unit unit play play, you wager $600. Simple Math. 90% of my selections are 1 Unit plays, and I rarely have more than 4 plays a day on the weekend, and usually 1 play in each daily sport a day. Low Volume - High Return approach
Money Management
I Strongly believe in FLAT BETTING. I bet most my plays at 1 Unit across the board. Flat Betting is the best money management there is. When we play on the houses money I up the ante, like a game of the Month which is usually a 2 Unit Play, and the 3 and 4 unit plays are the Games of the year type scenario's, and while I do not hype it up and do not post a ton of them, when I do I hit a high percentage of them! Money management is KEY, I use it 95% of the time with flat betting- you should too!
Saturday NCAA 5 Pack with 2 Dime TOP PLAY
ALL THE PROFIT YOU NEED ON 1 CARD. 16-4-1 All Play Football run in place, and 6-1 in all Football Top Plays. Last week I cashed my 4 play card at 3-1 but dropped my Game of the Day on Nebraska. I SWEEP 5-0 on this Card on Saturday and I include MY HIDDEN GEM GAME OF THE MONTH – A 2 Dime Top Play that gets the cash BIG TIME on Saturday, Oddsmakers mistake, wrong team favored! Get 5 Winners for $8 each and cash it out. MONSTER VALUE IN THIS INVESTMENT.
Sunday NFL 4-Pack – CASH OUT 9-0 Run
Tony George has DESTROYED the Books the Last 2 Sundays with a 9-0 effort. Teasers cashing all over the place (6-1 YTD), Top Plays undefeated, and a Bookie Killing 2 Weeks turns into a third week of total destruction. 3 Side Plays and my Famous 2 team Teaser. 4 Units, 4 Wins, one HOT Capper. Tricked out Sunday Board by Oddsmakers use 23 years of experience and cash tickets! No Hype Needed – AND LESS THAN $10 A Play! COME ON!

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Wednesday, October 07, 2015
Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB) - 8:05 PM EDT Premium Pick
Play: Money Line: -128     Chicago Cubs     Play Title: NL Play in Game WINNER Win
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•  All Leagues 9-3 (75% for +$560)
•  MLB 2015 2-1 (67% for +$80)
•  NCAAF 2015 4-2 (67% for +$180)
•  NFL 2015 3-0 (100% for +$300)

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•  All Leagues 23-15-2 (61% for +$625)
•  MLB 2015 6-3 (67% for +$228)
•  NCAAF 2015 9-5-2 (65% for +$363)
•  NFL 2015 8-7 (54% for +$34)


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