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Vernon Croy

*SELECTIVE PLAY EXPERT* Vernon Croy is one of the Top Handicappers in the World since 1999! He has had Countless 10-0 Runs in All Sports! Get a an all-picks package today and watch your bankroll grow!

Vernon Croy is one of the most reputable sports Handicappers in the World and he has been very consistent at making his Clients money throughout his prestigious career in all Major and Minor sports. (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and NCAA) Vernon Croy has made his living wagering on sports since 1992 and has been one of the top handicappers in the industry for more than eight years. Vernon uses his expertise and years of sports knowledge on every pick he makes. He spends several hours a day studying line movements and betting situations in order to give his clients an edge over the books. That edge is sharpened by several of his own sports betting systems which he successfully uses to ensure his clients see a profit year after year. Competing against more than 40 top professionals, Vernon has had multiple Top-5 and Top-10 finishes in all major and minor sports in the Professional Handicappers League (PHL).

Vernon Croy has also had countless 10-0 runs in all major and minor sports during his prestigous career as documented by the PHL and his personal Clients. Vernon Croy was the 2004/05 NBA World Handicapping Champion for the regular season and also the WNBA overall Handicapping Champion for the 2004/05 season. Vernon Croy is also recognized in the industry as one of the best NHL Handicappers in the world earning his dime Clients over $100,000 in the 2006/07 season betting just his 3 and 4 unit plays again 100% documented by PHL.

Vernon Croy has always excelled with his MLB betting picks finding great value daily and he never releases a favorite over -150 in any sport. Vernon Croy believes that betting MLB is the best way to build up your bankroll for the upcoming football season as he releases several great value MLB plays that cash on a very consistent basis. Vernon Croy will never force plays unless there is something solid because once again he wagers on every pick he releases to his clients. Vernon Croy is an MLB expert since he knows these teams like nobody else and baseball has been his passion from a young age growing up on the diamond and playing competitive ball in the Summer Games while some of Croy's teammates went on to the Major Leagues he was forced to give it up due to a bad shoulder injury. Vernon Croy’s passion for the game has never died as he follows it very closely watching several games on a daily basis including attending multiple games a year traveling to different ball parks.

During the football and basketball seasons Vernon Croy picks out several moneyline dogs along with solid point spread plays which have won for years at a very good percentage. Vernon Croy is one of the best NBA and College Basketball Handicappers on the planet and he has been for years banging out consistent profits for his clients on a daily basis. Vernon Croy knows these basketball teams inside and out and he uses his private basketball systems along with years of basketball knowledge on every hoops play he makes. One of Vernon Croy's biggest wins in the NBA was on the Toronto Raptors 3 years ago when he picked them on the moneyline of +460 and it won with ease and one of Vernon Croy’s biggest wins in NCAA basketball was when he picked the Richmond Spiders to win SU as a 14+ point underdog. Vernon Croy lives for finding mistakes in the oddsmakers lines and he capitalizes on them finding several during the basketball and football seasons that build his clients bankroll rapidly.

Vernon Croy has had several big wins during his 10 year professional career but the one that stands out the most for him was winning his 2005 Super Bowl parlay with Pittsburgh and the Under because he had a lot of money on it along with all of his clients.

Vernon is a firm believer that winning is the only thing that matters, and it shows. He is relentless in his efforts to bang out profits day after day for his clients. Does Vernon Croy have a life? No, but he loves sports so this is his life as he spends 12+ hours a day handicapping games and adjusting his systems so that you his clients are on the winning side.

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Release Times
All Plays are released before 2:00 p.m during the week and before 10:00 a.m on the weekends all though there will be some additions after these times if Vernon finds something solid. These late plays are generally for all-inclusive subscribers and not for individual sale.
Rating System
Vernon Croy covers all major and minor sports including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB and WNBA with occasional UFC Picks. On average Vernon will release 1 to 5 plays per week which vary in each sport but he does not force plays so if there is nothing solid in the NFL for example there will not be a play for that day. Plays are all rated equally. Vernon Croy recommends flat betting his plays with 1 to 3 % of your total bankroll and no more than 5% per game.
Money Management
Never ever wager more than 5% of your bankroll on a given game. Play all picks and you will almost always see a profit month after month. There is no get rich quick way to bet on sports and there will be winning and losing streaks but using a solid money management plan we make a very nice return year after year. I look forward to working for you and I will deliver time and time again. Yours Truly, Vernon Croy
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Brooklyn Nets vs. Toronto Raptors (NBA) - 8:05 PM EST Premium Pick
Play: Point Spread: 11.0/-110     Brooklyn Nets Loss
Click Here to View Play Analysis
Boston Bruins vs. Minnesota Wild (NHL) - 8:00 PM EST Premium Pick
Play: Money Line: -135     Minnesota Wild Loss
Click Here to View Play Analysis
San Diego State vs. Cincinnati (NCAAB) - 9:00 PM EST Premium Pick
Play: Point Spread: 1.0/-110     Cincinnati Win
Click Here to View Play Analysis
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