(NFL) Cleveland vs. Jacksonville, 11/29/2020 1:00 PM, Score: 27 - 25
Point Spread: -7.00 | -108.00 Cleveland (Away)
Result: Loss
T.M. Selection: Browns (8* BLOWOUT).

The 7-3 Cleveland Browns are ready to demolish the 1-9 Jacksonville Jaguars. The Browns' high-powered offense has stalled the last few weeks for varying reasons. OBJ was lost about a month ago and that took some time to get over. The run game has gotten healthier for Cleveland as well. Weather was also a factor, as it's been terribly inclement in Cleveland over the last month or so as well. But now this well balanced Browns offense gets the opportunity to play in sunny Jacksonville against a terrible secondary. The Jaguars are simply going through the motions, as they have several players injured or on the COVID list. It's a perfect storm of factors working in favor of the visitors; lay the points!

T.M. Prediction: 30-21 Cleveland.