(NFL) Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay, 11/29/2020 4:25 PM, Score: 27 - 24
Money Line: -179.00 Kansas City (Away)
Result: Win
T.M. Selection: Chiefs MONEY-LINE (8* CASH-COW).

I'm going to lay the price here on the defending champs to at the very least, hold on for a straight-up victory today. The Bucs enter off a hard-fought 27-24 loss at home to the Rams. The Bucs have struggled in phases this season at times, especially against the better teams. The Chiefs are the best team in the league. They're No. 1 on the offensive side of the ball and top 5 on the defensive. Tampa also ranks among the best on both sides, but it's been terribly inconsistent. This is a game which the Chiefs will definitely want to win and send a message and that's exactly what I expect to happen. Lay the price!

T.M. Prediction: 31-24 Chiefs.