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4* Money Maker

4* Money Maker

New England vs. LA Rams, 02/03/2019 18:30 EDT, Score: 13 - 3

Money Line: +125 LA Rams

Sportsbook: Bodog

Result: Loss

Taking the RAMS. Well. Another profitable season ends. Couldn't repeat as the #1 NFL capper on this site, but still put money in our pockets. And with our nice performance in College Football, we had a successful football run for 6 months. We'll take it. - Super Bowl Sunday. Going with the dog. You can grab the points, but if I am taking 2.5 or 3, I think the Rams win outright. Now. I thought KC and the Saints would be playing today. What really gets me with the Rams was their comeback. Down double digits in the dome. I mean, you can find pictures of concrete falling the place was rocking so much. You come back on the road, vs that QB and HC. You are a good team. I don't care how young your coach or quarterback is. That is some good coaching and play calling - executed by the players. The Patriots Legacy is unmatched. I know it is tough going against this HOF combo on the sidelines. Everyone though that NE was dead with the way they played on the road, and more importantly, some of those losses. For me, it is simple. I think the Rams are the better team. They were more consistent on the year. They have the better defense. I think their defense is going to be the difference maker. Nothing left to be said. Suh and Donald are the key for us. And NE has nothing like that on their DL. Rams are 14-3 the last 2 years on the road (including playoffs). - The Patriots could easily be 8-0 in the Super Bowl, or just as easy 0-8. Those 8 Super Bowl margin of victories- 3-3-3-3-4-4-6-8 --- 4* Money Maker LA RAMS

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