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Tonys *5 NBA Free Play

Tonys *5 NBA Free Play

Oklahoma City vs. Houston, 02/09/2019 20:30 EDT, Score: 117 - 112

Total: -104/+235½ Over

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

Nba ncaa nhl , get my top play on the board 1 from each leauge with my *30 Star Saturday sweep only $44.99 or get my *10 NBA Primetime Power Play for just $34.99 under the top selling plays or premium picks tab!

Fp: harden george Westbrook and paul with four Olympian’s and all stars on the court at 1 time I expect to see buckets early amd often 237 points to win should be a breeze making the over my nba free play !

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