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Boston vs. Golden State

Boston vs. Golden State

Boston vs. Golden State, 03/05/2019 22:30 EDT, Score: 128 - 95

Money Line: +303 Boston

Sportsbook: Bookmaker

Result: Win

2-Unit Play #525 Take Boston Moneyline over Golden State (10:30 p.m. EST, Tuesday March 5)
Boston has lost five of six and this team is slumping big time. But we think they play desperate tonight. Golden State always seems to bring out the best in this team, and Golden State has covered in only two of the last nine meetings (one push). Golden State has dropped four of their last seven games, so they are not in top form right now. This team is the worst ATS team in the NBA this season, and the bookies post too-high lines on a nightly basis for this squad. We thought this line should be closer to 5 points. If Boston can win this game then all is right in the world again and the pressure will be off for awhile. We think they put their best foot forward tonight. The Warriors probably don’t care about this game nearly as much as they don’t put much emphasis on the regular season anymore. But for Boston this game means a lot tonight.

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