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Tonys *5 NBA Free Play

Tonys *5 NBA Free Play

Utah vs. Phoenix, 03/13/2019 22:00 EDT, Score: 114 - 97

Total: -110/+222½ Under

Sportsbook: Bookmaker

Result: Win

*10 Star Nba Max Bet: My top play on the board in the nba today, and The only bet we’re making in pro sports . Working with a %100 perfect trend that’s cashed big game after game, tonight will be no different. Max bet and break you’re bookie with my NBA Perfect Play.

*5 star free pick: suns have been bad all year now taking to close the season , jazz struggling losers of two straight look to get backk in the winning column and it starts with defense! 223 points to beat us will be a chore making the under my nba free play ! You

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