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*10* TOTAL POWER ~ 4-1 Wednesday! +$14,836 ALL SPORTS L35 Days!

*10* TOTAL POWER ~ 4-1 Wednesday! +$14,836 ALL SPORTS L35 Days!

Anaheim vs. Arizona, 03/14/2019 22:00 EDT, Score: 1 - 6

Total: -130/+5½ Under

Sportsbook: Betonline

Result: Loss

10* Under Ducks/Coyotes (10:05 ET): The bottom of the Pacific is a pretty ugly scene right now. I've got the bottom four teams all ranked in my bottom eight in the league. Anaheim and it's -52 goal differential is really close to the bottom and it's incredible to think this team was once 19-11-5. But they were winning in a non-sustainable manner (lots of comebacks) and are 9-23-4 SU since. The Ducks' biggest problem is clearly offense as they rank last in the league in goals per game w/ only 2.27. They are a top Under team (43-23-4 overall) and that's the way I see this one going.

The Coyotes are still fighting for a playoff spot. Right now, they would be the final Wild Card in the Western Conference, which seems shocking. But save for a dismal showing at Chicago on Monday (lost 7-1), this club is playing well. Their only other loss in the last 11 games came to, ironically enough, Anaheim. They lost 3-1, right here at home. It's difficult to imagine the same fate happening twice, though the Ducks have won four of six and all four wins were against teams currently vying for a playoff spot.

Arizona is a top 10 teams in this league in goals allowed. They're (not surprisingly) a little more stingy here on home ice where they give up only 2.6 goals per game. But, like Anaheim, the 'Yotes biggest issue resides at the other end. They are 28th in goals per game. So we're looking at a battle of two of the four lowest scoring teams in the league. That seems conducive to an Under, especially considering how the last meeting went. The Coyotes' completed their last home stand by allowing just 12 goals in seven games. 10* Under Ducks/Coyotes

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