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Tonys *5 NBA Free Play

Tonys *5 NBA Free Play

Oklahoma City vs. Indiana, 03/14/2019 19:00 EDT, Score: 106 - 108

Total: -110/+218 Over

Sportsbook: Bodog

Result: Loss

*30 Star Titan Thursday 3play: You get my Top Pick on the board today 1 from each league (NBA NHL NCAA) . Each pick is *10 star rated working with powerful trends that have cashed big all season, we’re all in. Max bet and break you’re bookie 3 times over with my *30 Star perfect picks only $44.99 under the top selling plays or premium picks tab!

Fp: 2 night of a back to back for the thunder so the defense may be a bit slower and we know Westbrook and George can go off on the offensive side I expect to see buckets early and often making the over my nba free play !

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