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Game of the Week NHL 10*

Game of the Week NHL 10*

Winnipeg vs. NY Rangers, 10/03/2019 19:00 EDT, Score: 4 - 6

Money Line: +111 Winnipeg

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

Game of the Week - Rickenbach NHL Rotation #13 Thursday 10* Top Play Winnipeg Jets Money Line (+) @ New York Rangers @ 7:05 ET - Sure these teams each made changes over the off-season but, even with all that, the Jets are projected to earn more points in the standings than the Rangers this season. Also, in terms of this non-conference match-up, lets talk about some home/road facts that also equate so solid value here. Only one team in the entire Eastern Conference had fewer home wins than the Rangers (18) last season. Also, only one team in the entire Western Conference had more road wins than the Jets (22) last season. That said, you have one of the top road teams going against one of the worst home teams and you're also getting plus money here. This is an opportunity I absolutely will take advantage of every time it comes up. In this case too I like the fact that New York goalie Henrik Lundqvist is coming off a tough season and I have the better overall team in this match-up. Winnipeg has won 37 of their past 65 non-conference games. The Rangers have lost 35 of their past 60 non-conference games. In terms of head to head match-ups, the Jets have won each of the past 3 meetings and have generated an average of 9 more shots on goal per game in their last 4 meetings. More of the same expected here. 10* WINNIPEG

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