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All Sports Triple Play

All Sports Triple Play

Brooklyn vs. LA Lakers, 03/10/2020 22:30 EDT, Score: 104 - 102

Total: -107/+223½ Over

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

Lakers off hard-fought win against the Clippers in LA on Sunday. Nets off tight win Sunday against the Bulls which, like the Lakers game, resulted in an under. Brooklyn has given up 118 points per game in its last 8 games. The Nets averaged scoring 124.5 points per game in two games over the weekend. Lakers have scored an average of 117 points per game their last 4 games. Lakers are in a Clippers / Rockets sandwich and may not be at their sharpest on defense again a non-conference opponent. Brooklyn has allowed 125 points on average in last 3 road games. Per the above as well as the simulation report, play OVER

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