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Streaking Megabucks (33-16 68%) Winner (Giants/Reds)

Streaking Megabucks (33-16 68%) Winner (Giants/Reds)

San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, 06/03/2014 19:10 EDT, Score: 3 - 8

Money Line: -107 Cincinnati

Sportsbook: SportsBetting

Result: Win

San Francisco at Cincinnati 7:10 ET
Reds over Giants- If there is any balance in the universe there should be plenty of hits in this matchup. Last July Home Bailey (5-3, 5.04 ERA) pitched a no-hitter against the Giants and his mound opponent that night was Tim Lincecum (4-3, 4.18 ERA) who pitched five innings on his own no-hit ball last time out has had his problems against Cincinnati going 0-3 with an 8.65 ERA in five starts. The Reds have won six of the last seven meetings last year and eight of the last 10 in regular season games. Take CINCINNATI!

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