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Chase's 20* MLB MAX BET

Chase's 20* MLB MAX BET

San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, 06/03/2014 19:10 EDT, Score: 3 - 8

Money Line: -109 Cincinnati

Sportsbook: SportBet

Result: Win

This game features two very solid teams in the 37-20 Giants at the 26-29 Reds. Reds have a few edges tonight one being at home another being very desperate team as they know they need to win and win now. They also have the advantage at pitcher while not on paper but really look at these two guys Tim Lincecum might be 4-3 but this guys been shot for 2 years. Homer Baily is desperate for a good start and with this motivated team behind him and a great line from Vegas due to how good the Giants are we are getting great value. Take the Reds for a 20* winner.

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