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4* Money-Maker

4* Money-Maker

San Francisco vs. Cincinnati, 06/04/2014 19:10 EDT, Score: 3 - 2

Money Line: +100 San Francisco

Sportsbook: Pinnacle

Result: Win

Taking SAN FRAN here. Giants quietly have the best record in MLB. Now the Reds got the best of Lincecum yesterday, but Vogelsong has been pitching well. A 1.80 ERA his last 3 starts spanning 20 innings. Cingrani has been flat out bad since coming off the DL. A 5+ ERA in 17 innings. 21 hits, 10 earned runs. The Reds have won 11 of the last 12 at home vs SF. I will disregard that trend. I just don't think they are the better team here with the lineup, or on the mound. 4* Money-Maker SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS

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