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wednesday nhl

wednesday nhl

NY Rangers vs. Los Angeles, 06/04/2014 20:00 EDT, Score: 2 - 3

Money Line: -150 Los Angeles

Sportsbook: BookMaker

Result: Win

3-unit Series Play Take Los Angeles Kings over New York Rangers The Stanley Cup Final begins on Wednesday with the Los Angeles Kings hosting the New York Rangers. We picked these teams to play in the Final before the playoffs began, so this one is not a surprise to us. Both squads are masters of puck possession and have great goaltenders backing them up. The Kings, however, come in as the more experienced squad. Los Angeles has been to at least the Western Conference Final three years in a row and they won the Cup two years ago. The Kings also have home ice advantage as they were the better team in the regular season. But most importantly, the Kings represent the Western Conference, which has dominated the East in recent years. The records for these teams are very similar, but the Kings play much tougher competition on a nightly basis in the West. The Kings also had a much tougher path to get the Final, as they had to navigate the Sharks, Ducks and Blackhawks - arguably the three toughest teams in the West after Los Angeles. The Rangers, however, caught a break by playing the Capitals, Penguins and Canadiens during their playoff run. They avoided the Bruins, who were clearly the best team in the conference all season long. Finally, I give the Kings the edge in coaching and mental toughness. Add it all up, and I don't see how the Rangers can compete in this series. We'll take the Kings to take home Lord Stanley's Cup and lay the price.

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