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*8* Portland Trail Blazers +9.5

*8* Portland Trail Blazers +9.5

Portland vs. Golden State, 05/01/2016 15:30 EDT, Score: 106 - 118

Point Spread: +9½/-105 Portland

Sportsbook: Bovada

Result: Loss

Rickenbach NBA *8* Portland Trail Blazers +9.5 @ Golden State @ 3:35 ET - Of course it's hard to fade the Warriors when they are hot as they have been but there are a couple of key factors that lead to great value here. One of course is the fact that Stephen Curry is out for Golden State in game one. The other, and perhaps most important, is that the Warriors go from facing a dysfunctional Rockets team to a Trail Blazers team playing with plenty of heart and confidence. Of course the Blazers were able to take advantage of Clippers injuries as the series went on but there is no questioning the fact that the makeup of this team is much different than that of the Rockets team that the Warriors so easily disposed of. This has led to fantastic line value for the underdog Blazers in this one as they have the talented backcourt to match-up well with Golden State on the perimeter (especially in a game where Curry is out). For comparison's sake just look at what Portland did to the Clippers after Chris Paul went out (yes I know Blake Griffin got hurt too but he was out for significant time anyway recently) and compare this with how the Rockets performed against the Warriors after Curry got hurt before half of Game 4. The point is that Golden State, sans Curry, is in for a much bigger challenge here than they got from the Warriors. Big dog value in this one. *8* PORTLAND

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