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Price: $40.00

Here's a favorite that Ben Burns says will win in a B-L-O-W-O-U-T!

1 pick (1 MLB)

Friday All-Sports Package from Sharp Las Vegas Collective

Price: $39.99

LVBS is one of the top syndicates for sports betting and they have an all-sports package for Friday that includes all their picks for the day (five total), a 3-Pack for MLB and also two strong NBA picks (side and total GSW/LAC Game 6). This package will win you money – bottom line – and they are offering this one for a very affordable price.

5 picks (3 MLB, 2 NBA)


Price: $29.99

Off some tough recent losses in MLB, you know what is coming next. A HUGE Run and it began yesterday afternoon with the Arizona UNDER! You don't want to miss their Top Side *ML Rout* offering HUGE edges in EARLY MLB action Friday! Time to really heat up NOW! Fave or Dog? Find out now as MIT Simulator resumes their typical MLB DOMINANCE!

1 pick (1 MLB)

MIT NBA Top Side *Roadkill Special* Friday *HUGE edges*

Price: $29.99

After a loss Wednesday ended their 100% RUN in NBA, you don't want to miss MIT Simulator's *Roadkill Special* going Friday. This play is supported by HUGE edges and demands being played as a TOP SIDE! Warriors? Clippers? MIT has the ANSWER!

1 pick (1 NBA)

Doc’s Sports Friday Clippers/Warriors 10* NBA Sure Shot

Price: $39.99

Doc’s Sports NBA is on an 158-131 run and 144-125 the last 134 nights and is one of the top NBA handicappers nationwide this season. They have a high-value pick going for Game 6 tonight.

1 pick (1 NBA)


Price: $65.00

This is the second highest selection on the Friday card so make sure you get involved with the capper who has crushed 60% of his NBA selections over the last 16 days and 61% of his TOTAL selections over that period of time.

You know Dana has owned a spot among the leaders for almost a year so why wouldn't you follow a consistent winner when making this important selection.

1 pick (1 NBA)

MIT NHL Top Money *Top Shelf* Friday *MIT +$11,700 NHL!*

Price: $29.99

MIT Simulator entered Thursday on a 37-30 RUN in NHL which may not sound that impressive but this is a MONEY line sport! With plenty of DOGS (just like +159 San Jose Sunday) the PROFITS are HUGE! MIT has the PERFECT spot, with another Money Line, to add to their MASSIVE +$11,700 NHL run! Go TOP SHELF for BIG CA$H once AGAIN on the ICE Friday with MIT! It is PLAYOFF HOCKEY so all games on TV which means Watch and Win!

1 pick (1 NHL)

Stephen Nover's NBA April Total of the Month

Price: $35.00

Big plays and the NBA are a huge winning combination for Stephen Nover, who has won 60 percent of his last 50 postseason plays going 30-20. Stephen has won his last three NBA totals plays, too, and has found his April Total of the Month on Friday's Warriors-Clippers game. So stack the odds high in your favor by taking advantage of Stephen's expertise, elite information and powerful track record on his No. 1 April NBA over/under play!

1 pick (1 NBA)

Craig's 5* NBA Friday Game 6 Winner (GSW vs LAC)

Price: $37.99

Nice easy winner with the Spurs last night and it's more of the same on Friday Night Game 6 in the Warriors at Clippers tonight, Don't Miss Out!

1 pick (1 NBA)


Game of the Month (NBA) - Schule's 89% (8-of-9) in the Playoffs!

Price: $69.00

DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN? It comes as NO SURPRISE that @JesseSchule is at the top of the leaderboards in the NBA Playoffs. The Iceman was a PERFECT 6-0 with NBA Finals Futures in 2017, and he delivered of another profit haul in last year's Finals. He's heading into the second round hitting 89% (8-1) with all his NBA Playoff picks!

1 pick (1 NBA)

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