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Top Selling Picks

MIT All Sports 3-Pack *Triple Play* ALL EARLIEST Tuesday *MIT 71% RUN!*

Price: $39.99

WINNING 3-pack Monday after disappointing Sunday that followed PERFECT 7-0 Friday/Saturday! MIT Simulator has now CASHED IN five of its last seven 3-packs! The selections on the five WINNING 3-packs have gone 13-2 for 87% WINNERS! Tuesday's includes NCAAF plus NBA plus NCAAB and ALL are EARLIEST games so HURRY IN! Go for 3-0 SWEEP!

3 picks (1 NCAAF, 1 NBA, 1 NCAAB)

Tonys *30 Star College Basketball Bookie Breaker

Price: $34.99

*30 Star NCAA 3way 3play: You get my top 3 plays on the board tonight and the only bets we’re making in college hoops. Each pick is *10 Star rated working with powerful trends that have cashed big game after game, we’re all in. Max bet and break your bookie 3 times over with my NCAA perfect plays.

3 picks (3 NCAAB)

Craig's 5* MAC Super Tuesday Winner

Price: $37.99

Jump on Super Tuesday MAC Attack winner as Craig crushes the bookies tonight. Don't Miss Out!

1 pick (1 NCAAF)

Brian’s 10* CFB MAC GOM

Price: $35.00

#1 College Football handicapper 62-39 this season 61% +18,990 dollars and second place is no where close. Back the best on Tuesday as I have found a side that will pad your pockets.

1 pick (1 NCAAF)

Easy Eddie's 20* NCAAF Game of the Night!

Price: $30.00

Tonight I am taking unloading my 20* NCAAF Game of the Night. I would strongly encourage you to jump aboard the NCAAF Money Train as we are taking this one straight to the bank. Give me a chance tonight as we keep on winning.

1 pick (1 NCAAF)


Price: $79.00

While he's still in the black for the month, Ben Burns is an angry mood. Too many defensive scores doomed his 'under' in the MNF game and led to a 2-2 day. The plan for Tuesday? To "BREAK OUT THE BROOM" and deliver a PERFECT SWEEP OF THE BOARD. The headliner is Ben's NBA TOTAL OF THE WEEK. (Basketball totals are 68-45 on the year.) You in?

3 picks (1 NBA, 1 NCAAF, 1 NHL)

Razor’s 9* NCAAB ATS Hardcourt Beatdown!

Price: $34.95

As always, this CBB package comes 100% GUARANTEED!
Spread winner posted on Creighton v. Michigan! Join us today & start making P-R-O-F-I-T-$ 1-day at a time.

1 pick (1 NCAAB)

Rickenbach 10* CBB *GAME OF THE WEEK* Tuesday EARLY *He is 15-3 / 83%!*

Price: $50.00

The calendar says its mid-Nov so the ONLY thing that matters is football, RIGHT? You just keep telling yourself that while SHARPS, like Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach, CASH in BIG WINNERS in BOTH basketball and hockey! His GOW/TOW picks in hoops and pucks are on a combined 15-3 / 83% RUN! Here is his STRONGEST pick so far this college hoops SEASON!

1 pick (1 NCAAB)


Price: $50.00

Will Rogers DESTROYS the books with a single 10* BIG TICKET pro hoops release on Tuesday night! Rogers' NBA sides have been MONEY IN THE BANK for years - don't miss his latest and greatest RIGHT HERE!

1 pick (1 NBA)


Price: $66.00

Get 3 NHL WINNERS at a cheap price, Mike's NHL MONEYLINE GAME OF THE WEEK included. He's 6-1 L7 NHL premium pick releases and profits will keep rolling in throughout the season.

3 picks (3 NHL)

NBA Slam Dunk

Price: $30.00

Get my Best NBA Bet of the day or get my 3-DAY, WEEKLY or MONTHLY PASS for the BEST deal on All my NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAAF, and NCAAB picks this month.

1 pick (1 NBA)

Doc's NHL Tuesday Chalk Talk

Price: $29.95

Strong favorite that will get the job done in B-L-O-W-O-U-T fashion. Sign-up now and let 48 years of handicapping experience work for you.

1 pick (1 NHL)

Stephen Nover's 3-0 CFB/NBA/CBB Tuesday Sweep!

Price: $59.00

Stephen Nover is sizzling across the board going 52-35-1 on his last 88 premium/free college football plays, being unbeaten in college basketball and on a 13-3 premium play run in the NBA. Stephen has strong plays in each of these sports today. Here is an opportunity to take advantage of Stephen's expertise and blazing hand at a special Tuesday package fare by getting all three of his plays. Guaranteed to make you a profit!

3 picks (1 NCAAF, 1 NCAAB, 1 NBA)

Schule's NCAAB T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-O-R - DUCK$ vs TIGER$

Price: $50.00

**WARNING** Schule's NCAAB plays are known to cause increased heart rate and an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Playing these on a regular basis can result in an increase of disposable cash and can cause your bankroll to swell uncontrollably. It is not recommended to participate in these wagers if you have any allergic reactions to COLD HARD CASH!

1 pick (1 NCAAB)


Price: $49.00

Do you like games that are over by halftime? If so, then you MUST be on my NCAAB 32-7 ANNIHILATOR PLAY. Get on it and get paid.

1 pick (1 NCAAB)

Rob Vinciletti: NHL Power System Game Of The Month

Price: $44.99

$$ NHL Red Circle TOP Play Alert from 90-27 Power System $$

** NHL Sides 6-1 This season **

On Tuesday we have our NHL Game of the Month headlining and backed with one of our BEST NHL Systems. Join us for our NHL Game Of The Month as this game ha a Plethora of Power Angles. We are VERY Selective in NHL With just 7 ides so far CASHING 6 of them.

1 pick (1 NHL)

Chip's 'Guaranteed' NCAAM 4*Money Game

Price: $39.00

Chip's 'Guaranteed' NCAAM 4*Money Game
Chip Chirimbes, the 'Big Game Player' and 10-time Las Vegas Basketball Handicapping Champion has posted a 4*Money Game winner between Minnesota and Butler. A true Champion, Chip has awards from Las Vegas Hilton, Stardust and Stations Casinos Basketball Handicapping contests and has this 'Guaranteed' 4*Money Game winner for only $39!

1 pick (1 NCAAB)

Chase’s VIP 3 Pack

Price: $39.99

***SAVE BIG BUY BULK***Chase Diamond looks to bounce back from a rare NFL loss last night with another huge 3 pack that is 100% guaranteed to profit but bring that broom as Chase Diamond looks to sweep yet again.

3 picks (1 NCAAF, 1 NBA, 1 NHL)


Price: $40.00

Big TonyK cashed again last night with SEATTLE outright on MNF. Now he goes for his 7th straight winning day!

One team holds a major edge with coaching-talent and motivation and Tony Karpinski is all over it. Grab it now for just $40 or BETTER YET get a 3-day or weekly discounted ALL SPORTS PASS.

Get it & bet it now! You'll be glad you did.

1 pick (1 NCAAB)


Price: $30.00

This is Dana's only play on the Tuesday card. Buy this play and win, plain and simple.

1 pick (1 NCAAB)


Price: $39.99

In this HOOPS 3 PACK you get Damian's COLLEGE HOOPS PLAY OF THE DAY, COLLEGE HOOPS TOTAL OF THE DAY, and NBA TOTAL OF THE DAY! Damian Sosh has been on fire in hoops so join the winning today!

3 picks (2 NCAAB, 1 NBA)

Tony T's 3 Pack of Premium Picks Tuesday

Price: $39.99

We have 2 STRONG ATS SIDES from College Football and a STRONG ATS SIDE from the NBA on Tuesday. Get on board with these PROFIT MAKER plays today!

3 picks (2 NCAAF, 1 NBA)

*10* NFL TOTAL OF THE WEEK (Power Sports) ~ *INSANE* 16-3 TOTALS RUN!

Price: $60.00

Power Sports is on an *INSANE* 16-3 Run w/ Football Totals! Last Sunday, he won his *10* Total of the Month on Under CAR-GB! The previous week's #1 total was the Over in CLE-DEN! Going back further, we find that Power has won his #1 NFL Total bet FOUR WEEKS IN ROW! One of the games saw one team go Over the total BY THEMSELVES! You in for this week?

1 pick (1 NFL)

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